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So You Think You're a Fashion Blogger

Amira Azzouz
8/5/14, 12:00 AM

Let’s start off first by defining what the word blogger means. It’s a writer who shares their own experiences, observations, opinions, images or links on their blog, whether on blogger.com, wordpress.com, or any of the other equivalent platforms. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the word FASHION BLOGGER, as lately people are literally abusing it.

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When you add the word fashion to blogger, it would logically mean that they also do have a platform they regularly post on, and again by platform I do mean an actual blog, not just social media. However, lately, myself and several people in the fashion industry have been noticing a new phenomena or let’s call it, a trend in the Instagram world. Example? Only having an Instagram account and calling themselves fashion bloggers. 

You are not a blogger if:

1. If you have tons of followers on your social network account, Instagram to be specific, but no platform to actually support it. That just makes you #InstaFamous. What if let’s say, God forbid, Instagram decides to delete your account? You’re actually left with nothing, right?

2. If all you do is pose and look beautiful in front of the camera at every occasion you go to, or even better, have a photographer walk behind you to capture your every “special” moment. Well, guess what? Instagram isn’t the real world and that’s just kind of lame.

3. When you strike a pose with a duck face but have no other place than Instagram or your personal Facebook account to add it to. And seriously, they banned that duck face thing a long time ago.

4. When a designer wants to send you a gift, and instead of saying thank you that’s awesome (manners people!) you ask her to send over five additional pieces. Oh, wait there’s more, and you also ask to charge her a whole lot of money just to add four pictures of yourself wearing her pieces on Instagram. Now let me ask you, how much traffic would your Instagram picture actually get? Let me just guess here, and I’m talking out of experience, if a picture gets 2000 likes, that’s all it’s actually going to get. Unlike a website or a blog, where you can link back to it or have people find it through Google or through social media again, getting 2000 likes is nothing, because it’s an action that occurs just once. Websites and blogs who charge that much have a minimum of 2 million views per month, if not more.

You are a blogger if:

1. You have a platform other than social networks to post on (blogger, wordpress, etc.).

2. You post regularly on your blog.

3. You post interesting material, engage with your readers and inspire others.

4. Yes, that’s about it, see how easy it can be?

Now that we have the fashion blogger issue covered, let’s move on to another one that ranks second place when it comes to the so called trends everyone thinks they’re naturally talented to do. THE STYLIST! Haven’t you noticed lately that almost everyone calls themselves a stylist, just because they know how to style their outfits well and pose in front of the camera snapping some images for Instagram? Let’s put an end to that and just clearly state some guidelines of what it actually takes to be a stylist.

You are not a stylist if:

1. The only experience you have with styling is dressing yourself up.

2. Having only an Instagram account and calling yourself a blogger over there. People compliment you and then you think, oh well, perhaps I can take on styling next?

3. Having good taste! It’s great and all, but that just means you have a good eye, however you still lack the experience.

4. Love shopping? Well, so do I, but I don’t call myself a stylist, do I?

5. Being up to date with the latest trends doesn’t make you a stylist, if you read below what it actually takes to be a stylist you’ll certainly understand why.

You are a stylist if:

1. You have a background to support it, and by background it could either be college, courses you’ve taken or previous work experience (multiple experiences that is). Having a nice portfolio would work too!

2. A stylist is not about mixing and matching the latest trends together! No, it’s more than that. Let’s say we have a shoot or a campaign that has a certain message and the characters in it need to be perfectly portrayed in a specific way. Now here’s where the creativity of the stylist makes a huge difference. The stylist tries to picture that character and what they would actually wear to bring out that imaginary personality to life or even to match the brand’s message through clothes. It’s not about the latest trends, but about having a sharp eye for quirky things, being super creative, fast and most importantly taking inspiration from people and things around you, and NO that does not include having your own taste dominate, even if it’s amazing. See the difference?

I could also dive into the photographers and fashion designers “trend” thing, but they’re so last season for tons of people who like to ride the wave. I’ll just keep it brief though, because let’s face it, someone needs to go there. Owning an expensive camera does not make you a professional photographer, it just makes you a person who loves to capture the moment, big difference! You could even be talented, but you are not practicing it professionally. As for the fashion designers, just being able to tell a tailor how you imagine a piece to be does not make you a designer, but it means you have potential. Perhaps some courses or trial and error with your own hands like those hard-working designers do would help?

Enough with following trends blindly, because they tend to appear pretty fast, and disappear much faster! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fashion bloggers, stylists, photographers and designers, but when things are done properly.

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