The Libra man is the king of balance. He's all about fairness and justice. He looks to weigh all options and see all sides to every story. He's also charming, peaceful and honest. So, how to attract a Libra Man? He wants someone's who going to be there for him and he needs stability. Here's what Libra men find attractive...

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How to attract a Libra man:

1. He's very caring and consistent, but he doesn't like problems and a lot of confrontations.

2. Libra men like making plans and having stability, so the future is something to talk about often. He's a commitment kind of guy, so it's better if you know where you want things to go and be honest with him.

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3. Show him you care with kind words, honest compliments and asking about how he is and how he's been doing. 

4. Libra men are widely known to be indecisive. It takes a lot from them to make a decision. So try not to push them too much or stress them out into taking one. 

5. They really appreciate beauty and aesthetics of everything from clothes, homes and surroundings. So fashion and aesthetics are a great way to grab his attention.

6. A Libra man is social, he likes going out and socializing, it's where he feels more open and comfortable. So when you can try to socialize with him and create these comfortable environments for him on special occasions.

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7. He's a debater, intelligent and intellectual conversations entice and excite him. So get into these deep interesting discussions with him!

8. He loves his peace and quiet. So a cosy lifestyle with them that is slow, calm and all about taking things easy would be perfect for him. 

9. Libra men like a bit of quirkiness and mystery. They like a bit of uniqueness and unconventionality at times. So don't be afraid to show him your weird quirks and fun side.

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10. He's a sucker for romance. He likes traditional and classic romantic dates. So work your magic and take him out for a night that he'll always remember with flooding romance.

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