If you're not already familiar with Shamekh Bluwi's works of art, then trust me, you're missing out on a lot. The Saudi Arabian artist, who's based in Jordan, is the leading fashion illustrator in the region. With a superb talent and a vast imagination, Shamekh always manages to transport us into an artistic world of wonders. You'd think that he has done it all, but (bam!) he goes and surprises us with something that's extremely creative. An example? His latest project: a glorious celebration of zodiac signs, where he has reimagined each and every sign as an avant-garde woman. Now scroll down, and see what your zodiac sign looks like.

1. Aries

2. Taurus

3. Gemini

4. Cancer

5. Leo

6. Virgo

7. Libra

8. Scorpio

9. Sagittarius

10. Capricorn

11. Aquarius

12. Pisces

Photo Credits: Shamekh Bluwi