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1/5/15, 12:00 AM

You may know Raya Abirached from 'Arab's Got Talent' or 'Scoop with Raya,' as the TV personality who hosts one of the biggest talent shows in the Middle East and travels the world to interview superstars. If we had to describe Raya Abirached, we would immediately say she's the sweetheart TV presenter who always wears a smile while gracing the stage or chatting with Hollywood celebrities. We had a quick interview with Lebanese TV Presenter, Raya Abirached, to know how did her career begin, some random facts about herself and how she spends a day at The Oscars.

Let’s switch roles! Introduce yourself in one sentence.

I would say I'm a TV personality and celebrity interviewer by day, normal girl and movie geek by night! 

How did it all begin, we're curious to know more about your very first day on set?

It all began by chance. I didn't want to be a presenter, I wanted to be a lawyer or a politician. When I was offered a small gig on television, I turned it down because it was never something I thought I would do. However, the first ever time I stood in front of a camera, I had a feeling that this was the right thing for me. I was the exact opposite of camera shy.

Who was the first celebrity you ever interviewed? How did it feel?

It was Meg Ryan back in 1998. I was so excited to meet her that I even bought her a Abaya as a present. I was really like a kid in a candy store.

You meet a lot of celebrities; name one who got you starstruck. What was your reaction?

My very first interview with Tom Cruise, over 10 years ago. It is not just that I was starstruck, but if you watch the interview again I was red like a tomato! That is only because I was such a big fan when I was a kid and all of a sudden he was right in front of me. Definitely, not my proudest moment! (laughs) 

That awkward moment when… Share with us a situation that happened on set.

The funniest situations always happen on 'Arabs Got Talent.' Once in the finale of Season One, I was wearing a long Elie Saab dress and one of the acts had fire jugglers. When their act was done and I came back up on stage, they nearly set me on fire! You can hear me screaming live "Attention! Attention!!!" Looking back, it was very funny that Qusai Kheder, my co-host at 'Arabs Got Talent,' couldn't stop laughing.

What's your most favorite thing about your job?

Two very important things: watching movies all the time which is my real passion, and feeling the excitement of the fans about what I do. Especially when they feel like I am their ambassadress in Hollywood.

If you weren’t a TV presenter, what would you be?

I don't really know. I think I would have loved to be an interior decorator. I am very obsessed about it. But I am not sure I would have been any good, I think I would have still been a journalist.

If you were offered to act in a film, which character would you like to be?

I am a terrible actress! So this way the movie would flop. But the character I have most identified with, has always been Bridget Jones.

The awards season is about to start again! How do you get ready for it?

I try to eat as little cake as possible and it's just sooooooo haaard! I just spent the holidays with my husband in Rome and had so much pasta and gelato! I am just about to go to fittings at a few designers for the awards season and for the 'Arabs Got Talent' live shows and I hope I haven't gained too much weight. I plan on going for lots of runs in the next few days.

Walk us through your day when you’re covering the Oscars.

I have to wake up very early at around 6 AM to get my hair and makeup done. I usually film the show and take photos before the red carpet interviews start and that's quite stressful, because we have to be super quick. Then I cover the red carpet and do all the social media at the same time. Then, I tweet during the ceremony and cover the parties. It is the longest day of the year, but also one of the most exciting ones in the awards calendar. Luckily, I only need to wear high heels when I'm filming, then it's flat shoes.

Since you co-host Arabs Got Talent, tell us about a secret talent you have.

My secret talent is that, I have no real artistic talent at all. Terrible singer, terrible actress, terrible dancer. I am not being modest, I am being objective (laughs). But I am very good at speaking and eating very fast, does that count?

If you had to describe your fashion style, what would you say?

My fashion style is uneven. Sometimes, if I give proper time and attention to my outfit, I can really get it right. But when I'm very busy and choose something at the last minute, it can be really wrong. I have had both; great outfits and disastrous ones! In my day to day life, my fashion style is all about comfort; large trousers, warm jumpers and trainers.

Share with us a random fact about yourself, which not a lot of people know of.

My husband would tell you that I am the most stubborn person on the planet. He is right! I am a Taurus in every sense of the way; very stubborn and very determined. It is difficult to change my mind about anything. If don't like something or someone, God help them! For example, I hate cigarettes and smoking. If anyone smokes around me, it is the best way to make me flip.

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2015?

I always have the same resolutions; eat healthy, exercise, spend more time with my loved ones, travel for fun to different places, and relax more. I usually achieve this at 50%, which I guess is as good as it gets.

Share with us one thing you just crossed off your bucket list.

Hmmmm... I don't have a bucket list. I guess it should be one of my 2015 resolutions! (laughs)


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