Dima Rashid Tells Us What 15 Years of Experience in the Jewelry Business Taught Her!

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1/28/18, 12:00 AM

Dima Rashid is the female force behind the international luxury design house, Dima Jewellery. Dima is originally Palestinian, born in Kuwait, studied in Canada, and now lives in Egypt. So, can you imagine how this fusion of cultures has influenced her? She founded her label in 2002, and ever since, she has been designing meticulously hand-crafted creations. Her clientele includes some of the best dressed international and Arab women, such as Queen Rania of Jordan, Gigi Hadid, Yosra and Hend Sabri to name a few.

We love catching up with Dima every now and then to tell us about her updates, so we recently sat down with her, and she talked to us about her latest happenings with Dima Jewellery.

You just celebrated the opening of your new store! Tell us about that exhilarating experience.
It feels amazing! We’re back in Zamalek, which is perfect because now we’re closer to our clients. We also revamped our store design experience which very much expresses our identity.

You also launched your new  "Dreams of Gold" collection, so what should we watch out for?
Statement, timeless and iconic glamour that you can dress up or dress down. Beautiful stone combinations of this season’s Pantone shades, from deep blues in Sapphires and Blue Topaz, reds in Rubies, greens in stunning Emeralds and Topaz to our signature warm tones of 18kt gold.

You've been in the business for more than 15 years now, can you tell us how Dima Jewellery has changed since then?
A lot can happen in 15 years! I could have never imagined that what started out as a passion from a one-woman show would turn into the full-on business structure it is today. We have come a long way on both design and business fronts, and the industry has changed drastically from the time we set out. I consider myself lucky though to have started in a time that relied heavily on personal networking, because this helped us build very strong personal relationships with our clients and partners that we have successfully sustained until today.

People love gifting jewellery, so what is a Dima Jewellery piece that no one can go wrong with?
In addition to statement pieces, you’ll find a lot of gifting pieces that you can wear daily and never take off, featuring the latest addition to our iconic line of Dima chains.

Some women underestimate the power of jewellery. How can you change their mind?
Jewellery is an amazing tool for self-expression and individuality. It speaks volumes of your personality and your mood, and can have the power to turn around any wardrobe. Many pieces or stones can also resemble something emotional or can be linked to a certain time in your life. There’s no such thing as too many jewellery pieces.

We've noticed that any Dima Rashid piece must have that contemporary bohemian touch. How and why did you develop this signature?
Dima stands for timeless vibrant jewellery that is inspired by the beauty of nature and stones. Raw textures, colors, and unique combinations of precious stones with our signature hammered 18kt gold are at the core of our design philosophy. This philosophy is one that I acquired from my father who was an avid collector of stones himself; he taught me everything about stones and their value, which I’ve naturally grown to love and has greatly reflected in my creations.

A lot of young jewelry designers are currently emerging. Can you share a piece of advice to help them take their talent to the next level?
Constant education for sure, whether through experience, workshops or schools. Always stay ahead of the game and be prepared for any opportunities that may come up. Sometimes you really do get one shot to make it happen. Balance the right amount of networking, presence, market research, and self-belief. Be resilient and don’t be disheartened easily.


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