Farida Attout of Bordure Events on What It's Like to Be a Wedding Planner

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4/30/15, 12:00 AM

Farida Attout of Bordue Events, is a young weddings and events planner. She recently established Bordure Events, because she loves to bring dreams into reality, by promising to frame special occasions into an unforgettable journey and a memorable experience.

With having meticulous attention to detail, Farida makes sure that every occasion or event overflows with sophistication and true personality. That's why we interviewed her, to tell us all about how she got into the events planning industry and give us valuable tips for every bride-to-be.

Why did you decide to become a wedding planner?

I've always wanted to be a wedding planner. I grew up with a mother who loved crafts and was so good with arrangements and a father in the catering field, which really inspired me to explore the field of wedding planning further. Of course back when I was 4, I have been a flower girl many times. I didn't know what a wedding planner was at that time, but I just knew that I wanted to be a part of wedding days... Growing up, I would make a train and dress out of bed sheets and collect wedding movies. I had a vision and stood by what I wanted through hard work and dedication to the industry.

Tell us the reason why every couple should hire a wedding planner.

Of course, as a wedding planner myself, I’m admittedly biased when it comes to the topic. And while I’ll never tell you that you absolutely must hire a wedding planner, I sincerely believe in the value of professional wedding planning for every couple. A wedding planner is a professional who knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry and will know what needs to happen in order to make your dream wedding become a reality.

What's your favorite part of planning a wedding?

My favorite part of being a wedding planner is seeing it all come together the day of the wedding. That feeling of satisfaction and pride you get in the Bingo moment, when the bride and groom look at you with thank you beaming out of their eyes. When you know you have just made a dream come true, turned a vision into a reality, knowing that you are part of the most magical day of their lives.

A piece of advice for brides to handle pre-wedding stress...

It is unrealistic to believe that a couple can completely avoid any stress as their wedding approaches. It is helpful to understand it as a natural part of the process of embarking on this major life change and to try to embrace it together. My advice would be to delegate more tasks, practice yoga, eat and sleep well.

What's the most common wedding planning mistake that couples should avoid?

A lack of personality. The number one biggest mistake I see, is a wedding devoid of the couple’s own personalities. Now, I'm not saying everyone has to have a theme wedding, but this is the most important day of your life – it should reflect your uniqueness.

Share with us three wedding etiquette rules that guests should follow.

1. RSVP by the deadline

2. Get to the ceremony on time.

3. Everyone knows the golden rule: don’t wear white.

What are the top wedding trends for 2015?

Acute attention to detail is very trendy today. The little details are what make a celebration warm and heartfelt.

Did you ever get any unusual requests from one of your clients?

WOW that is a really good question! I have to say I don't think I've ever had anything too strange or eccentric. We get lots of fun requests and we love it when our clients get creative and want to take a few risks.

Name your all-time favorite first-dance song.

"Everything" -  Michael Bublé

Save vs. Splurge:

Invitations - Splurge. Your wedding invitation sets the tone for the event – formality, the theme, the colors, and of course the information about your big day! Your invite can be seen as a mini work of art.

Photographer - Splurge. You'll cherish your photos from the wedding forever, so check out different photographers' websites and choose someone who suits your style.

Wedding Favors - Save. Wedding favors are all about adding that little authenticity to your wedding; a keepsake for your guests to remember the day with. Couples can always opt for unique yet budget-friendly favors.

Flower Bouquet - Splurge. You shouldn't settle for flowers you don't love if you have your heart set on a soft bouquet of pricey peonies.

Cake - Save. A six-tiered cake looks formal and expensive because, well, it is. Order a cake with fewer layers, or add faux tiers of frosting-covered Styrofoam if height's a must.

Bridal Shoes - Splurge. You might not need Manolos, but comfy shoes are a must.


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