As soon as you lay your eyes on Razan Alazzouni's designs, three thoughts will certainly come across your mind. The first, is that her pieces have a classy touch; truly bringing magic to your closet. The second, is that Razan Alazzouni's designs are unique, always presenting an original flair. Lastly, her choice of colors is constantly so feminine; reflecting a romantic appeal. To sum things up, you can't help but fall in love with Razan Alazzouni's designs!

The successful Saudi fashion designer, Razan Alazzouni, has managed to leave a mark  for herself, and compete with international fashion houses, in such a short period. Her designs are impeccable and distinctive. And that's why we decided to sit for a talk with Razan Alazzouni.

Who is Razan Alazzouni? Introduce yourself in three sentences...
I am an artist and fashion designer. I look for beauty in everything I behold, and I aim to beautify and add character to my surroundings.

How did you first break into the world of fashion? Tell us about your journey...
I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. As a little girl and young woman, I was never happy with the clothes I found in the stores, I would always customize them or make my own. Once I graduated from college, I decided to make my own fashion line starting with a few key pieces which became very popular. I couldn’t feed the demand for those first designs, and that is when I decided to become a full-time fashion designer.

According to your thoughts, fashion is...
Fashion is self-expression. It is a way for us to portray our inner character and express it through the way we dress.

What has been the greatest challenge that you faced in the fashion industry?
Fashion is a very competitive industry. One of the biggest challenges I faced was being based in Saudi Arabia and breaking into the international market. I felt I had to prove myself more than a European designer might have needed to.

Your designs are known for intricate details that reflect a feminine flair. Where do you draw your inspiration from? And, what feeds your creativity to present new ideas?
My inspiration has always been nature and art. Paintings are a reflection of how that artist sees nature and my designs are a reflection of what I see around me. Layers and special materials are always visible in my designs. The unique combinations of embroidery and fabric make the pieces I create whimsical and delicate for the discerning woman.

What is your favorite part in the process of fashion design...choosing colors, buying fabrics or cutting silhouettes?
I enjoy the entire process of creating new designs. The discovery of new materials and new ways to use them is always exciting. The challenge in making these available materials my own and putting my finger print on them is something I enjoy immensely. I am always striving to create new cuts that will flatter and compliment the Razan Alazzouni woman. Each one of these processes hold an excitement that I look forward to every season.

Can you give us a quick brief about the top trends in 2017?
The use of pleats and ruffles in spring summer pieces of 2017 is a trend I absolutely adore. If you need to buy one thing this summer, make sure it has pleats or ruffles on it.

A fashion trend that you totally hate...
The color purple, on anything!

What are things that Arab women need to consider when choosing their outfits?
The Arabic woman needs to focus on representing herself and her personality in her choice of fashion pieces. When her inner beauty and uniqueness shines through, she will be a wonderful sight to behold.

Tell us about your new Fall Winter 2016/17 collection.
We have worked with many pastel colors, such as pink and blue, and added to them fun layers of embroidery in red, silver and gold...among other colors. The off-shoulder tops and multi-layer skirts are some of my favorites, because they show a playfulness we too often try to hide from our character.

Can you describe the woman who loves to wear Razan Alazzouni designs?
She is a sophisticated worldly woman who is confident, and out to achieve her goals in life.

Three fashion labels that you love...
Chanel, Fendi and Olivier Theyskens.

There's a lot of emerging Saudi talents nowadays. So, what should a young Saudi woman do to achieve her dreams?
The Saudi woman needs to persevere. She needs to work hard against all the odds and nurture the positive energy and support she gets from the positive people around her.

Finally, a piece of advice to any Saudi woman who wants to work in the fashion industry...
Follow you dreams, follow your passions, and those roads will lead you to success.