Hala Ajam, the distinguished Lebanese makeup artist, worked with several international and local celebrities, and she's known for her genuine personality and artistic skills. We got up close and personal with Hala Ajam, where she gave us some insights into her life.

1. You knew you wanted to become a makeup artist when...
I had my make up done by a professional makeup artist at the age of 16, when she finished, I did not recognize myself, but I felt so beautiful and I knew then the power of makeup. This incident provoked the artist inside of me. 

2. What's beauty for Hala Ajam?
Beauty is femininity, self confidence and a good personality that reflects the beauty from within.

3. Give us one beauty tip that you swear by.
There isn't ONE beauty tip, but many combined together. What firstly comes on my list is to moisturize well.

4. What defines a Hala Ajam makeup look?

5. No makeup makeup look versus extravagant makeup look, which one do you prefer?
Being an artist, I can't limit myself to one style. Every woman has a specific type of makeup that suits her, depending on her character, age and lifestyle. 

6. Your everyday go-to makeup products are...
Concealer,  tinted moisturizer, coral blush, mascara, and a colored lip conditioner.

7. A lipstick shade that flatters all skin tones, does such a thing exist?
Lots of women think that red lipstick would not suit them. Russian Red from Mac flatters all skin tones, but a woman needs to have the courage to wear red lipstick. 

8. Your all-time favorite beauty icon is…
Sherihane! When I was a teenager, I used to wait for the fawazir in Ramadan. According to my generation, she is a beauty icon.

9. What is the most common beauty faux pas that Arab women do?

Mostly eyebrow shapes. The best way to shape your eyebrows is to follow their natural shape and arch, and clean around it. Also following trends, and forgetting that this trend is for a short time and it can't be fixed after a certain time.

10. Give us a quick makeup trick to look the best in a selfie.
A selfie is about attitude not makeup. In any photo, makeup should be perfect, matching your skin color. Avoid strong makeup because in a selfie you can't use flash, so there is no reflection of light on your face, therefore everything will look darker.

11. You surely have experienced some awkward moments with your clients, tell us about your most memorable one.
#ThatAkwardMoment when a bride comes in and collapses due to the pressure. I suddenly transform from a makeup artist to a psychiatrist. Those moments are usually the most beautiful.

12. Three random things about yourself...
Straight forward, soft on the inside, artist mood.

13. Rules are made to be broken. True or false?
True. I have done that all my life, no one can limit an artist with rules.

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