We live in a very busy world, which means we are generally more frustrated. Traffic can flip our mood from annoyed to angry, and the smallest set back at work can make the world seem like a dark place. Needless to say, we are kind of drama queens when things go wrong, and looking at the bright side is easier said than done. Having said that, here are eight things you can do throughout your day, than can guarantee to flip your mood around.

1. Start your morning by writing the word smile on your arm, sticky note or even as a reminder on your phone. Once your phone buzzes and you see the word, 'SMILE' you will unconsciously find yourself curling up the corners of your mouth. I bet you just smiled now, which means this just worked.

2. Throughout your day as the stress increases, remember to take five deep breaths. It may seem silly, but you have nothing to lose, so just try and see the results. When you breath slowly, you relax your entire body including your mind and things tend to slow down. That way you can asses everything in a much better way, with a clear mind. 

3. A positive quote a day, keeps the negativity away. I am sure your WhatsApp is filled with groups of friends and families. Send each other positive quotes throughout the day, it will definitely uplift your spirits. 

4. Make a check list of things you need to do during your day. Challenge yourself to finish the most out of your list, every time you check something off, feel great about your achievement. Why not high five your co-workers? Yes it's cheesy, but do it then judge.

5. Make sure your surrounding is a positive place to be. Personalize your desk with your belongings and colorful items, insert sticky notes with positive phrases on your desktop, so whenever you're feeling down your eyes come across one of them. 

6. Make your live version of your inspiration Pinterest board and place it in front of you. Stick on it things you love, quotes, cards, memories, it will fill your head with inspiration; never a dull moment. 

7. Will this really matter in a few years? You stepped in mud, broke a vase and lost your favorite jacket, ask yourself will his matter in a few years? If the answer is no, then don't wast time thinking about it and move on. 

8. Make a grateful jar. Basically you need to remember what you're thankful for in life, and a grateful jar helps you do that. Before you sleep, or before you leave the office, write down one or two things you are grateful for that happened on this day. Not only will it make you feel better, but on a gloomy day take out these grateful notes and read them, it is bound to flip your mood.

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