Rima Khoreibi of Micaroon makeup is the woman behind the cutest-looking homegrown cosmetics line in the Middle East. She proves that beauty and brains can go together, as the pretty business woman established Micaroon makeup after extensive research and planning. Through Micaroon makeup, you can experience dessert-like cosmetics (with zero calories!), it's a lot like finding that piece of candy in your makeup bag.

We had a chat with Rima Khoreibi of Micaroon makeup, and she told us more about how it all started, the trick to looking photogenic, and why her products are named after unicorns and mermaids.

What sparked the idea of Micaroon makeup?

Micaroon makeup started around five years ago, when I started toying with the idea of creating make up inspired by macaron cookies. I always found these desserts so pretty and feminine, and would make a beautiful package for cosmetics. These same characteristics apply to colored cosmetics, so putting them together was a natural thing for me.

The whole Micaroon makeup experience is a lot like shopping for candy! Tell us about the packaging.

Yes, you are absolutely right! Shopping for Micaroon makeup is meant to be a fun experience, like shopping for candy or being at a dessert bakery. In fact, our concept and set up is like visiting a yummy, whimsical bakery and gaining zero calories! Our brand has now expanded to more than just colored cosmetics, we have introduced soaps and body creams inspired by yummy desserts, in addition to many accessories related to this theme, so shopping at Micaroon makeup is a one-of-a-kind, very unique experience.

Your Micaroon makeup lingo includes words like Mermaid, Unicorn, Crush and Rosa. How did you come up with it?

The names I came up with are all included in our Micaroon lingo, which are inspired by several factors. Names like Mermaid and Unicorn are mythical creatures I was obsessed with as a child, and actually remain so! I think most of us girls never really grow out of this make-believe world. As for Rosa, it's inspired by the amazing Rosa Parks, a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement, a true inspiration not just for women, but for any human. While cosmetics can be viewed as mainly a superficial industry, I felt it's very important to include a humanistic and empowering aspect, and Ms. Parks is the perfect person for that. I also included names like POS (Parent Over Shoulder), or SWAK...this is the texting lingo of this young generation.

We know that Micaroon makeup is produced in the UAE. Why did you make this decision?

We manufacture in the UAE simply because we can. And considering it's doable, I don't see a reason why we shouldn't. We are extremely proud to have "Made in the UAE" on our packaging. The factories in Dubai compete with those on international standards and are extremely stringent. This was enough for me to realize that manufacturing here is the best decision.

Three beauty products you absolutely can't live without...

SPF for my face, coconut oil to hydrate my hair, face and body, and lipstick.

What's the beauty tip/trick you swear by?

A beauty trick I swear by, is applying a good lip liner with my lipstick. Lip liners have a much more long lasting affect than lipsticks and do not dry your lips. It's a better alternative to long lasting lipsticks, for these are sure to dry out your lips.

Every woman would love to know the answer to this: How to look great in pictures and be photogenic?

I truly believe to look best in pictures, you have to smile; it's a sign of confidence. And if you want to have a more posed-like picture, then definitely do not over pout...it only looks silly.

Your current celebrity girl crush is...

My current celebrity crush is probably Jennifer Lawrence, and Hind Sabry always!

Other than macarons, what is your favorite dessert?

To be honest, I'm not much of a dessert person, I do prefer salty foods, but I would have to say banofee pie is definitely up there.

When you look good, you feel good. Do you agree?

I absolutely agree! Looking good gives us all a form of confidence. And that leads to exuding and attracting positive energy all around you. I'm not saying that has to be done through cosmetics or fashion, but it's about how you choose to present yourself. A beautiful attitude is your best asset. 

Share with us a tip for female entrepreneurs...

Don't be afraid to take the first step to your create your dreams, no matter how scary it seems. Don't give up no matter how big the obstacles, and be consistent and 100% committed.

What's next for Micaroon makeup?

We are extremely thrilled to be opening our own shop in The Dubai Mall on July 1st! After that, we will be expanding to other malls within the UAE, and hopefully within the region eventually.