Temraza is one of the Egyptian fashion brands that took us by storm, and we’re not just talking about Egypt here. You see, Farida Temraz, the Egyptian fashion designer behind Temraza, has been making headlines since she first started, as she showcased her collections internationally, and won several fashion awards. Did we mention that her dresses made an appearance on the Oscars 2016 red carpet too?

To let you know more about Temraza, we had a quick chat with Farida Temraz, and she told us about her successful journey as an Egyptian fashion designer. Read on to get an exclusive look inside the world of Temraza.

So tell us, how did it all start?

Designing is my passion. I started drawing illustrations when I was 7 years old. As I grew up, my passion for fashion designing grew bigger. As soon as I graduated from Integrated Marketing Communications, I utilized my marketing expertise to develop a brand from scratch at the age of 21. So, Temraza, started in December 2012 - currently offers ready-to-wear and custom-made evening and bridal dresses.

Temraza team builds up masterpiece dresses with fine material, precious embroideries, and outstanding quality while always maintaining a form of sophistication. Temraza aims to become the first high-end international brand based in Egypt.

Who is the Temraza kind of girl?

The Temraza girl is glamorous, sexy yet classy, edgy, and definitely an attention grabber

What’s the style inspiration behind the Temraza label?

Details are our inspiration. Each piece we create tells a story: ranging from fierce elegant looks to royalty. I always link inspirations directly to fashion designing language. Sky is the limit when it comes to inspirations, as it just happens, but it definitely happens with great passion and motivation to always provide something unique and big.

What makes Farida Temraz stand out among other local designers?

Temraza is a premium international brand, and not an atelier. Aside from our designs, our aim is to make our Temraza ladies feel confident, and confident women always look good. In addition to that, we serve on an international level with international standards and high quality.

We know that you design for every body shape, tell us more about that!

My specialty is to understand the clients’ body shape, and accordingly design something that perfectly fits their bodies, by hiding the unflattering body parts and highlighting the best parts in their silhouette, with or without being revealing.

On a world tour for Temraza; how is it so far and what’s next for you?

We have successfully showcased our collections in London Fashion Week “Le Millésime Futuriste” Spring Summer 14 Collection, which is The Modernized Vintage, (vintage fashion with a modern twist), won first place award in  Paris Fashion Week FW’15-16 collection named “Once Upon À Paris”, and Los Angeles, SS’16 “The Concert”. We are aiming to exhibit our work on a global level, so the journey is still sustainable and ongoing.

Who’s the fashion designer you love and always look up to?

Coco Chanel.

International celebrities are now wearing Temraza on major red carpet events! What does this feel like?

I am honored to have people hearing an “Egyptian” name for the first time in the history of fashion on the red carpets of Festival de Cannes, SAG Awards, and Oscar’s Awards. And hopefully, there is more to come.

A celebrity you dream of dressing…

Jennifer Lopez.

Who do you consider a style icon? Pick one Arab and one international.

Queen Rania and Jennifer Lopez.

Let’s go back to your local clients, because we’ve seen many brides looking great on their big day wearing Temraza! How do you bring the client’s dream to a reality?

Arab women like to dress up, and they give great attention to their wedding dresses. However, Temraza’s clients have a certain personality and a special style, so it is always our pleasure meeting the demands of the mentality of our Temraza clients. We make sure that their dream dress comes into reality. It has to be awesomely unique. Temraza’s brides always feel their dresses are a modernly majestic royal piece of art and a piece of themselves.

Is ready-to-wear anywhere on your future plan?

We already have evening and bridal ready-to-wear. But, if you mean casual ready-to-wear, it is definitely part of our plan.

A piece of advice you’d tell yourself when you first started…

It is always the 3 P's for me: work with passion, be persistent, and always always be prepared!

Finally, your future hopes for Temraza…

To succeed on a global level.