30 New Year's Resolutions That Should Be on Your List, Because They're So Important!

Fustany Team
12/26/19, 12:00 AM

We're ending a year and welcoming another new one, so we can’t help but sit down and reflect on what we achieved, and think about the future. As cliche as it may sound, but New Year’s resolutions can actually be important, because they give us hope and motivation to be better people. Thus, we thought of New Year's resolutions ideas to help you open up your mind and start writing your's. 

1. Let go of grudges, and open your heart to forgiveness.

2. You can’t fix the world unless you start with yourself first.

3. It’s time you give up your pride, and reconcile with that friend that things went wrong with, whom you miss terribly.

4. It’s about time you start working hard to get what you want!

5. Spend more time appreciating, and less time worrying.

6. Work on your self-worth and confidence.

7. Embrace your family, although they make you go crazy, no one loves you like them.

8. Make the gossip stop when it reaches you.

9. Give more so you can receive more.

10. Do good and expect nothing in return.

11. Be kinder to yourself.

12. Be wary of your limits and create boundaries for yourself. 

13. Read those books you never got around to ready.

14. Limit your screen time.

15. Tell the people you love, you love them...more. 

16. Start looking for love within yourself. 

17. Give time for the things that matter to you the most, not what other want you to do. 

18. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and appreciate your beauty and health.

19. Start taking care of your body and showing it more love.

20. Text a friend everyday 3 things you're grateful for and vice versa. 

21. Sit out in nature more.

22. Every time you do something you're proud of, it can be smallest thing such as going to be early or smiling at a stranger, write it down and look back it whenever you feel down. 

23. Focus more on the now and less on what happened before or what's to come next. 

24. Cook more for your self and cook your food with love. 

25. Learn to understand people who are different than you, so you can growth more empathy and compassion. 

26. In bed as you fall asleep, visualize an image or moment that makes you happy or brings you joy. 

27. Let loose more, dance more, run and act like a kid. Laugh more. 

28. Learn about self awareness and work on your own self awareness.

29. Be more honest with yourself. 

30. And finally, adopt the pet you've always wanted. Take the risk, they will bring so much joy to your life. 

Year after year we get older, and we hope that the next year we'll be better and wiser. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and only work on the things that you feel will truly make you feel full and happy.

Happy New Year!

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