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Lifestyle Header image 10 things not to say to your pregnant wife

| by Nada Allam

10 Things Not to Say to Your Pregnant Wife

For nine months, your wife and mum-to-be will be growing a person inside her very own body. Nine months of huge hormonal and body changes, mood swings, food cravings, etc… Basically these nine months, the mum-to-be should be handled with utmost love and care. You know, giving her a foot massage, bringing her chocolates or salted pickles, if that is what she is craving. To be able to have a blissful nine months, there are a list of things you should never ever say to your pregnant wife, so start taking notes. 

1. Do not complain about how tired or exhausted you are. Unless you are carrying another person inside of you, whining or complaining must be eliminated from your dictionary. Better yet, if your wife mentions how exhausted she is, refrain from the "I know how you feel" phrase.

2. "We still have plenty of time, the baby won't be here for months." For your own piece of mind, just get the baby room ready as soon as possible. There comes a point when the very pregnant mum-to-be will not have the energy to decorate a baby room, so the earlier the better. 

3. "Wow look how fit she is and she has two kids."  Noticing other slimmer bodies is not allowed for a long time. The mum-to-be might be feeling insecure about her body changes, so you need to compliment her and make her feel beautiful. Your wife is not overweight, she is pregnant. 

4. "Are you going to wear that?" Do not judge a mum-to-be's wardrobe choices, because chances are she wore the only thing that fits her that day and made her feel comfortable. 

5. "Do you need me to come with you to the doctor?" She won't really need you, but you should go anyway, for support. Being there to comfort her in all scenarios is the perfect option. 

6. "We're pregnant!" Sorry men, but you are not giving birth to the baby, only your wife is, so stir clear of announcing your pregnancy that way, especially on the bad days. 

7. "C'mon I am sure it doesn't hurt that bad." In the words of Rachel Green (from Friends), no uterus no opinion.

8. "You're really moody lately." That is probably not the best phrase to say to someone whose hormones are all over the place and carrying a heavy child in their uterus. They cannot really control how they feel, so just go with the flow and embrace whatever mood appears that day. 

9. "Why didn't you iron my white shirt?" If she isn't doing any housework, chances are she has no energy. Relieve her from the burden of home chores and pick up the slack a bit. 

10. "Can you pick that up?" You do the math, how do you expect her to bend down at a certain angle, when her stomach is already protruding out? 

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