The busy routine lives we lead usually gets the better of us, and eventually we reach a rut. We decided to stop that, every month we will come up with a list of 10 creative out of the box things for you to do. Each time you do one, you can document that moment on Instagram using #trywithfustany.

Get started, get moving, not a day should pass you by where you don't do something different, something that scares you, something to tell the grandkids. Just remember 'karma,' so be sure to do good things, so good things happen to you. We're waiting!

1. Talk to a stranger and tell them they are awesome.

2. Run in the streets of your city.

3. Buy a short red dress.

4. Ride a bicycle to your destination instead of a car, or just ride a bicycle for a change. 

5. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

6. Take part in a flash mob.

7. Add a piercing.

8. Sign up for karaoke and sing your heart out.

9. Drive with no destination. 

10. Take part in a thought experiment. 

(For the record a thought experiment is when you send an email inspiring quote, saying, poem to a random person from your contact list. Urge them to forward the mail and do the same, letting the thread grow. That way, a random person, gets a random email with an inspiring something.)

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