13 of Our Favorite Things About Spring

Nada Allam
3/22/15, 12:00 AM

It is FINALLY spring, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Actually I can, as I am going to list you all my favorite things about spring, and why you should really appreciate it. Sure, the winter had it perks, wearing funky coats, wrapping up in our favorite scarves and sipping on hot chocolate. But, enough is enough, it is time to enjoy the spring, and you can start by reading up on 13 of our favorite things about spring.

1. Colorful wardrobe.

Nothing says spring more than a colorful printed shirt or pants.

2. That spring smell.

Another favorite thing about spring is its smell! You know that scent that spring has, as the flowers blossom and the sun shines.

3. The gardens are more colorful.

No more gloomy gardens, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are loading up on green leaves. 

4. Enjoying the outdoors.

Spring is the perfect time to wake up early on your weekend, pack some food and head to a park and enjoy the sun and warmth.

5. Road trips.

Weekend trips now mean enjoying the pool, sea and sun. You can even start working on your tan. And that's one more thing I love about spring.

6. More positivity.

Did you know that people are actually happier in spring? You will notice more smiles, more holidays and more fun.

7. The day is longer.

You will have more daylight as the sun sets much later than it did in the winter, meaning you’ll feel you could do a lot more in your day. (Hopefully!)

8. Easter break.

Spring time means the Easter break is coming closer. Be sure to plan something fun while you enjoy the weather. 

9. No more boots.

Taking out our sandals and painting our toes is one of our favorite things about spring. 

10. You can start planning your summer holiday.

By far, our favorite thing about spring, is that it is an indication that summer is near, so start planning your summer trip.

11. New fruits.

The beginning of any new season means a new selection of fruits. For the spring, start loading up on strawberries, cherries, apricots, etc.

12.Shopping is more fun.

Walking into a shop in spring is all about colors. Even trying things on is a whole lot easier. 

13. You’ll find yourself more outgoing.

With the warmer spring days you’ll find yourself more outgoing, spending time outdoors, or even just having breakfast on your terrace. As opposed to to sitting under the covers.

Now you tell us, what are your favorite things about spring?


Nada Allam

Nada Allam is a walking Bath and Body Works store, at any time of the day you will always find at least 1 or 2 of their products in her tote. With her cat eyes, retro style, and beautiful accessories,...

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