Within only 5 days of its release, Tameem Youness’ “Enty Ay Kalam” (loosely translated as: you’re a trivial girl) song became one of the top trending videos on YouTube in Egypt.

We loved the video for sure; it was creatively hilarious, and we got its sarcastic underlying message. But it probably got you thinking 'Who is the Ay Kalam Girl?' Well, this might be a hard question to answer. However, we can easily tell you who is NOT! If any of the following features applies to you, then you are not an "Ay Kalam" girl.

1. Others’ Success Gets You Inspired Instead of Jealous:

When you witness another person’s success, it lightens up the flame of your inner motivation. This instantly gets you inspired rather than jealous. You simply believe that blowing other candles won’t make yours shine brighter and that seeing others’ achievements urge you to work harder on yourself. You're a confident person who constantly thinks that everyone glows in their own unique way, and that life is not a competition or a platform for hating on. If your motto is that we should encourage one another not pull each other down, you’re definitely not an "Ay Kalam" type of girl.

2. You’re Not Selfish:

You differentiate well between loving yourself and always putting yourself over everything else. You prefer to do the first one, and you’re aware of the fact that you’re not the center of the universe. You’re considerate, and you're the furthest from being self-centered. You also don’t care if you’re the center of attention or not, but rather think that everyone else is just as important as you. And finally, you fight for others’ rights just like you do for your own.

3. You Set Your Own Standards Shamelessly and Hold on to Them:

You’re never shy about it. You don’t care what the opposite person will think of you setting those rules-even if it’s the guy you like. You believe that this is what defines you and that there is absolutely nothing shameful about that. Just know that no "Ay Kalam" girl is confident enough to hold on to her own limits and personal standards!

4. You’re a Woman of Your Word:

You’re honest; you keep your promises no matter what, and hypocrisy doesn't exist in your dictionary. You’re loyal, and your friends and family always count on you because they know you're not all talk and no action. When you say something, you do it; so you can never be considered an "Ay Kalam" type of girl!

5. Simply, You’re Just Always Yourself:

You never fake anything to please anyone. You just never fake anything at all. Caring what people might think is the last thing that can cross your mind. You believe that your differences are what make you beautiful, and you accept yourself just the way you are. No doubt that you’re honest with yourself about your flaws, as well as your points of strength. Most importantly, you’re definitely NOT an "Ay Kalam" girl but a lady who lives the life she designed BY and FOR herself!

Main Image Credits: YouTube @tameemyouness