How many times have you felt sad, depressed or overwhelmed since you gave birth? How many times did negative feelings successfully control you? It’s very normal that a new mum (or even an old one) can pass through this kind of phase after giving birth. Part of it is hormonal, due to all the massive changes your body goes through, and some is because of the sudden shift in your lifestyle.

From my own experience, the more you let go to these feelings, the more you drain yourself in negativity. The more you take control of your life, the better you will feel. Even if you had to leave your job to stay with your baby (like I did with my twins), you can still do millions of things to make yourself feel worthy and happy.

First thing, don’t undermine being a mother. Being a mum and taking care of your family is serious business and sometimes it's even more stressful than being at work. It’s not something trivial, it’s a huge responsibility and a very tough one as well. So even if you are a mother only, you are still worthy because you are investing in a family, which is not a joke.

Secondly, try to have your "me" time, and don’t ever feel guilty doing that, because it reflects positively on your house and family, so it’s useful. By "me" time, I don’t mean heading to a spa, although it can be one of the options, but I mean doing something you love. For example, practicing something you enjoy, reviving an old hobby, studying, reading, doing a business from home and so on. This will add a flavor to your life and sweeten the bitterness of the daily motherly routine.

Lastly, don't look at your baby as a burden (not even if you have twins), because they are a blessing and a gift that only those who can’t have babies know its value. I have waited for my kids for more than three years, and I thought that I will not have kids, so I know how hard it is to go through the fear of not having kids. I still get bogged down sometimes from the load, but I took care of my kids for almost two years alone without the support of my mother, because my husband and I had to relocate to the Gulf, so it was a huge challenge for me. No mother around, not in my home country and no nanny, yet thank God I managed to not only take care of them, but also start my professional writing career.

You can do it, just trust yourself and be positive; it makes a huge difference.