Are you expecting your first child soon and wondering how you'll survive the first months with your new born baby? Juggling between your life and newborn baby is definitely not easy. However, you can manage to make it through if you follow the below tips to help you survive the first months of motherhood.

1. Keep the baby in your room.

When you keep your child in the same room as you are, you will avoid the late night runs to your baby's room to give them a quick meal. Whenever your baby cries, you will be right there for him/her.

2. Make a tight sleeping schedule.

I'm not telling you to obsess over your baby's time schedule, but if you manage to make your baby differentiate between day and night, then you've done a great job! 

3. Change before going to bed.

Wet diapers are one of the main reasons your baby starts crying at night. In order to avoid that, make sure to change their diapers and apply diaper rash cream right before they sleep.

4. Don't freak out when he/she cries.

It's completely normal that your baby cries all the time. Their only mean of communication is crying, think about it that way. Instead of panicking, check up on everything that might have irritated them, like whether they're hungry or have bloated tummies. Also regular doctor appointments are a must.

5. Maintain a healthy diet.

Keeping a balanced regime will not only make you energetic, but also it will affect your beauty in so many ways. In case you're breastfeeding, a healthy diet will affect you both in a great way. 

6. Sleep when they sleep.

The best trick to keep your sanity is to sleep when your baby sleeps. This will guarantee that you don't fall asleep when your newborn baby needs you.

7. Keep the stuff your baby needs regularly in handy.

Make sure you have the baby powder, baby oil, and diaper rash cream right next to you in order to avoid running around looking for these tiny products.

8. Set up a baby monitor.

As you're cooking or even cleaning the house, a baby monitor will tell you how your baby feels and transmit every sound and emotion, no matter where you are around the house. You don't need to hear your baby screaming to know if they need you.

9. Let out all your emotions.

The first weeks with your baby are stressful and very emotional, but you'll make it even worse if you panic. In order to avoid the tension of the first months with your baby, don't hesitate to seek help from a trusted person like your mother, aunt or sister.

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