Many of us don’t have the time or the right knowledge to look after ourselves beyond the basic and regular routine of keeping our bodies clean and moisturized.

It’s okay. You don’t have to be passionate about the beauty industry to be able to take care of yourself. This is what beauty bloggers are here for. This is why following bloggers can change and benefit your life...

What beauty problems do you struggle with?

A lot of women, myself included, struggle with frizzy, dry hair, split ends, stretch marks, dry or oily skin, acne, wrong makeup choices and confusing skincare products, or don’t know how to dress up as much as they'd like to. 

Why follow beauty bloggers when you can just Google what you want to know?

Not long ago, my first impression about beauty bloggers or influencers was that they’re regular people who use social media as an easy hobby to show off their makeup talents and cute outfits. But I was wrong. There is much more to blogging or Vlogging than just makeup tutorials. 

I’ve found many dedicated personal bloggers who put a lot of genuine effort into researching and collecting accurate information to create their content. Their goal is to give their audience the best results after years of experimenting on themselves.

Beauty bloggers have unlimited knowledge and information about skin care routines, hair growth hacks, nails, fashion trends, and makeup. 

How cool is it to follow someone who goes through the same daily struggles as you? We might not always be aware of what our skin needs all the time. 

Following a local blogger near me means staying updated with their latest applicable hacks that I may never discover on my own. So is being able to buy the same products at my local grocery store.

Why should you trust an influencer?

Influencers are winning consumers’ trust even more than celebrities. Because the most reliable sources of information are usually reviews or a demonstration where you can see real results on someone who relatively looks like you. 

Luckily, in every country and every race, there are hundreds of influencers that you can relate to.

What do you need to know about your skin?

Basically, you need to determine your skin type to know the suitable way to treat it. Makeup and skincare are two different things that work together if you have the correct ‘know how’. 

Makeup is not all about getting dolled-up. It can be a curse to your skin if not bought carefully and removed correctly. So, before you learn how to do your makeup, you must first learn how to treat your skin. 


Skincare bloggers on Instagram have endless beauty hacks. Farah Dhukai is my personal favorite. She is one of many DIY queens on social media. Follow her to learn about skin care, makeup secrets, and hair.

Who can help you with your hair?

Many girls lost contact with their original hair texture if it has been straightened or colored too much, they need a role model to guide them into every step. There are hundreds of hair advocates who dedicate their accounts to teach people how to go natural. 


If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster or want natural DIY hair masks, Dina Ghalwash and Jana El Sayed share their journey of going natural and tell us what products to use and where to get them.

Can’t figure out a style for yourself?

Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. Add to confidence a style that compliments that gorgeous body figure of yours. 

There are over ten fashion styles that you can try like a classic style, chic, vintage, bohemian or tomboy… Before you decide which fashion influencers you can start to follow, try and test new things to find which styles you'll feel most comfortable and confident in.


I came across two 'must-follow' striking fashion designers, Palestinian sisters, Rima, and Dina Zahran. Check their simple, comfortable, and chic design collection You can also find them both on a common account on Instagram, Dinz Sisters. 

They post about their latest trending outfits each season, they dress to kill, and they dazzle us with dashing colors. Their outfits are smart and edgy guiding you step by step through each piece put together.


Hijab fashion is a different world of its own. When it comes to wearing hijab with confidence and style, you should go to Sara Sabry, Dina Mourad and Menna El Sonny for originality. They know how to personalize the latest trends while embracing their individuality and modest wear.

Each one of them has the magical talent of putting together diverse pieces and turning an outfit into a breathtaking masterpiece. Their unique outfits can be described as effortless, yet, complex...I wish one day my style could be described this way.

Not every blogger has everything you need to know. You should embrace your own style and personal taste, but what bloggers can do is inspire you and help you find your signature style.