We met up with Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum, Professor of Psychology at University of California, at the P&G Future Fabrics event in Barcelona and he shared with us some interesting insights about clothes and psychology. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

1. Our clothes affect us subconsciously, even without the feedback of other people. If you’re sitting in a room on your own, what you’re wearing will still have an effect on you, your mood and behavior. Once you understand that, you can make choices accordingly. If you have a big day, a job interview, going on a date, or want to go outside and be active throughout the day, you should choose your clothes accordingly to help you ace whatever activity you’re doing.

2. If you wear red, you have more energy, also studies show that when both women and men wear red, they tend to feel sexier. Sport teams who wear black or red, tend to play more aggressively, and tend to win more. Wearing more comfortable clothes leads to doing better on certain tests. 

3. After conducting a study to test whether clean clothes affect the person wearing them or not, preliminary results showed more positive brain activity, brain power, relaxation and a happier mood when it came to the people wearing clean ones. It’s not just about comfortable clothes, but fresh ones as well.

4. Athleisure is the clothes you can look amazing in while feeling the desired comfort we’re all looking for. Properly caring for these clothes with Ariel and Downy will help you maintain the quality, comfort, and fresh smell. Synthetic fabrics are a magnet for dirt and it’s much more difficult to remove as you need to get in-between all the fiber. Dirty clothes don’t necessarily include stains, but rather body soils from the inside. Here’s an example where Ariel will resemble a shampoo and Downy a conditioner; when washing your hair you need a good shampoo to remove all the dirt and oil on your hair to provide that deep down clean, and you use the conditioner to protect the fibers. 

5. No matter how sharp you want to dress, you still have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing to feel as smart and confident as possible; in other words to be on top of your game.

One last thing, never re-wear your workout clothes, as they’re completely filthy. They need to be cleaned with a deep detergent such as Ariel.