To me, the Easter holiday is the time where I bid farewell to the bipolar weather, and welcome the warm weather once and for all. It's the time to embrace the spring floral and colorful wear, the swimsuits and fun outdoorsy activities. So I decided to come up with a list of fun activities you can do on your Easter break, embrace the beach, the sun and the weather in a unique way. 

1. Wake up early and go for a run by the beach. The view and the air will be amazing. 

2. Ditch the restaurants and the takeout food and do a barbecue instead. 

3. Make a time capsule with your friends and bury it. Just make sure to go back and open it next Easter break. 

4. Have a water ballon fight by the beach, there is nothing better than getting soaked in the hot weather. 

5. Paint eggs with kids, and embrace your inner child. Go all out with fur, glitter and colors. 

6. What kind of Easter break would it be without an egg treasure hunt. 

7. A little competitive game is a perfect way to spice things up. Play american football by the beach, or even beach volley.

8. Ever played hide and seek at night by the beach? You have to try it to know how awesome it is. 

9. Grab your pictionary and hit the tables by the pool. It is always nice to have a game night by the water, someone always gets pushed in, just saying!