So we all know the continuous dilemma each year, what to get him? What does he need? Did he indirectly mention he wanted something in particular that I can surprise him with? Hmmm, nope, nothing, blank! As always. And of course, when I did ask him directly, I got the typical expected answer; nothing, I need nothing, and anything you get will be nice, which made me feel more lost.

Then I though why don't I offer him a service gift, if he really doesn't need anything. He works really hard along the week, and what better way to celebrate than taking him on a surprise getaway, just  to relax, and get pampered! So accordingly, I started looking for a nice boutique hotel, and there I found it: the charming, cozy, the out-of-this-Egypt "Lazib Inn."

It won't be fair describing the place without some pictures, and out of excitement I ended up taking more than a couple to show you the place...

The bedroom: It's huge, has its own living room, fireplace, with a high ceiling featuring colorful glass lights, all decorated in a luxurious Fayoum-style. Not to mention, a gigantic bathroom that is literally of the size of our own bedroom with a double Jacuzzi, and a stand up shower.

The outdoors: We couldn’t really imagine we're seeing that much greenery, where does that happen besides residential compounds? They have a really well designed landscape, with big beautiful trees, flowers, and not to mention, two amazing infinity pools overlooking Lake Qaroun.


After enjoying the bedroom for a long bit, we chilled by the pool, had a nice salad with a couple of mezza dishes. It was hot, but we had the pool just in front of us, and really...this scenery compensated any heat! And besides, there was a cute outdoor hot tub, like come on, they were making it harder to leave with every detail they put out there.


We then ended our day with a cool activity, horseback riding by the lake. We then moved to have dinner, which was tasty, but overpriced though. However, it's a luxury boutique hotel, it was expected, and since it's his birthday gift, so...mouth zipped, happily zipped. And guess what we found when we got back to our room, a little chocolate birthday cake; that was a really nice gesture from them.

Next day, we had a lovely enormous oriental breakfast that I literally felt full till 8:00 pm, it included anything you can imagine when you think of a tasty oriental breakfast! (Hints: eggs, foul, falafel, white cheese, freshly baked bread, etc. Oh, my mouth is drooling again!)

We then went for a nice walk in Fayoum village, bought a couple of items, and started our way back to Cairo.

It was a great gateway, he absolutely loved it, and we can't stop talking about it since then! So here you go...a great idea to use for your man’s next birthday. You're most welcomed!