The first day of every month is a wallet resurrection day for every employee! Payday is a glorious day, because not only your wallet gets resurrected; your social life and yourself get to live again.

By the end of every month, we accept food from whoever offers us free meals, we appreciate homemade-cooked meals, and we suddenly like staying home and watching endless movies and TV series. Short sad story!

However, on the first day of every month, we change and become totally different human beings. If you're an employee, you'll totally relate to these 10 funny GIFs, which demonstrate what's payday like.

1. It all starts on the first morning of every month, you wake up with a positive attitude, you’re so full hopes and positive energy.

2. You’re ready to work! Everybody at the office is excited, and feeling like a brand new person.

3. Your breaks are all about planning! Where will you go? Who will you go with? And the cost? You’re not even thinking about it, you’re a rich person now! It’s payday people.

4. You’re being extra generous; you’re ready to pay for everyone! A couple of pounds here and there can’t harm your salary on the first day, right?

5. No more falafel for lunch, we’re ordering sushi for everyone!

Oh look at your car, it’s finally full tank!

7. You’re thinking about renewing your Apple music subscription, 9$ can’t also harm.

8. On your way back home, you remember that you need a new top for that great outing tonight! You end up buying two tops, pants, skirts and accessories! It’s okay, it’s just the first day, it can’t harm your salary!

9. While out with your friends, you’re ordering fancy food, and you’re not playing blind when it comes to tax and service amount!

10. You check the balance in your bank account the next morning, and your heart drops! You’re back to falafel, enjoying nights-in and basically being poor! But hey, at least you lived like a king for a day.