Being a woman, how many times did you shy away from expressing yourself? How many times did you keep a straight face just to be taken seriously? I can guess your answer...a lot! You're not alone. 

Many women tend to hide their genuine expressions, and they put on masks - they don't want to be seen as weak, conceited, playful or fun-loving, so they just choose to camouflage themselves. For that, Pond's have recently launched a new campaign, encouraging women to show their true selves - no matter what the situation is. Pond's initiative has launched with the hashtag (#weshek_mesh_khashab), to tell women that "expressions leave impressions not lines," and they want you to join in the movement. 

To prove their point, Pond's performed a little experiment with a group of women. They asked women a few questions and showed them sentimental videos of their own families to test their emotional endurance. Turns out, most women do try to hide their expressions, until something triggered them and they couldn't hold their laughs or tears; they cracked out all their emotions. So, how can you be part of Pond's (#weshek_mesh_khashab) movement? Just simply express yourself and be yourself. 

Meanwhile, scroll down to take a look at Pond's video promoting the "expressions leave impressions not lines" idea.