Regardless of what we studied in university or what path we chose to take in our early twenties, most of us struggle to figure out what we actually want to do at some point in our lives. Some of us are still trying to find the courage to quit the corporate "pays the bills" job, and take a risk and start thinking creatively outside the box. If you’re stuck in a rut about what the future entails, we think you need a little inspiration. You need to hear from someone's real experience about the light at the end of the tunnel of risk-taking, and how belief and persistence lead to success. You need advice, networking and an understanding of how women are able to potentially bridge the economic gender gap.

She Can 2018, hosted by Entreprenelle, might be your first stepping stone towards a little more clarity. This event will be held in Cairo, Egypt, at "The GrEEK Campus," on the 2nd and 3rd of March. The interesting part, is that it's an event for females of all ages!

She Can 2018 has a diverse choice of over 40 speakers who are exciting, and who are bound to be very moving. You are expected to attend panel discussions related to leadership, creative industries, incubation, sports and lifestyle, science, and a mother's balance between her family and her career.

In a time where some women are still confused about what to do, and how to follow their passion without feeling any fear or guilt, She Can 2018 is aiming to help all the females to be empowered, realize their potential and be able to transform their ideas into actions. 

Some of the speakers are; Hamsa Mansour (The First Egyptian Female Solo Cyclist), Mariam Farag (CSR head at MBC), Yasmine Ghaith (Cancer Survivor and Actress), Emad Karim (Youth Engagement Lead at UN Women), Lina Tahtawy (Sports Reporter on OnSportTv), Norshek Fawzy (Co-Founder of Jumpsuit) and so much more. She Can 2018 will also include mentorship clinics by startups run by attendees, along with an exhibition area, live music and a kids' area.

Now let's talk about Entreprenelle, and the reason why we're excited about this event...

Entreprenelle’s mission is solely women empowerment, with what they see as the 4 pillars of success; Awareness, Education, Resources, Accessibility and Economic Empowerment. Entreprenelle have been influencing more than 10,000 women since 2015, across 5 of Egypt’s governorates. They have held 80 entrepreneurship workshops, 10 big entertaining educational events and they have around 250,000 followers on their social media platforms.

We will certainly be there, so see you at She Can 2018!