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How to Show a Guy You're Not Interested

So showing a guy you're not interested is a sticky situation. He texts you often, calls you whenever he gets a chance and you're just not that into him. Blowing him off completely would be rude, and answering him every time will only lead him on. What is there left to do? There is always a graceful way to tell a guy that you are not interested or don't feel the same way about him. However some guys just don't get the hint, and in that case a more obvious approach is needed to show someone you're not interested

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Here are a few phrases you can include in your conversations that will help you learn how to show a guy that you're not interested...

Here's how to tell a guy you're not interested:

1. Show interest in someone else

In order to show a guy that you're not interested, tell him about a guy like: " What do you think of XYZ, I am thinking of letting my friend set us up?"

2. Friend-zone him

It doesn't have to be in a mean or obvious way, you can be subtle or say things like..."Thanks bro, you're such an awesome friend."

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3. Start setting him up

 Set him up with someone else (theoretically) is a great way to show him you're not interested: " I think this girl would be perfect for you."

4. Blow him off respectfully

If you are out with friends don't answer, send him a text, "Out with some friends, will catch you later." Don't be too quick to return a phone call or text. 

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5. Exclude him from your plans a bit

Take a spontaneous trip and don't tell him about it. If he asks why didn't you tell him: "It didn't come up, have a great weekend :)."

6. Jokingly point out the flirting 

Try giving him a piece of your mind bluntly: "Are you flirting with me? I hope I misunderstood you." 

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7. Distance 

If all else fails, it is time to ignore and be cold. Don't answer from time to time, and give short one worded answers, he should get the hint and it will show him you're not interested. 

8. Just tell him

You can try the honest approach and hope to God your friendship is not ruined: "I don't want to lead you on, but I am not interested in you that way. You are one of my closest friends and I would hate for anything to ruin our friendship." 

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