If you want your man to say nice things to you, you have to start and tell him nice things too! Many men have said that they like to hear their wives tell them how much they love them too. So, spread the love and the positive energy in your relationship, and learn 15 cute ways to tell your hubby you love him.

1. If he went to work while you were sleeping, send him a text message that says “Good morning my love, I wish you a good day, see you at dinner.”

2. Leave him little love and appreciation notes in his pockets while he travels.   

3. Learn to cook his favorite food, and tell him you only learned it because you love him and you want to see him happy.

4. Find a minute while at work, and send him a random text message to tell him you love him.

5. Before you go to sleep, tell him about his good sides, and all the reasons why you love him.

6. Make a joke about how everyone is jealous because you’re madly in love.

7. Give him compliments about his taste; if he’s wearing a nice t-shirt then don’t hold back to start flirting with him.

8. If he said something right, tell him that you always trust his judgment. That's one of the cutest ways to tell him you love him!

9. Buy him something he really wanted, and surprise him over dinner.

10. Wear one of his t-shirts, and tell him you love it because it has his smell.

11.  Wear that lingerie piece he loved seeing you in on your honeymoon.

12. Another cute way to tell him you love him, is by sending him a voice note with your song, randomly in the middle of the day.

13. While you're chatting and having fun, grab his face, kiss him and tell him “You’re too cute, I could eat you.”

14. Send him a funny text with the cheesiest movie line, like the one from Jerry Maguire, “You complete me,” along with a meme.

15. Tell him you love him by simply reminding him of how happy you are, because he’s just there for you.