It’s not easy. Definitely, knowing how to open up and love again is not something that can happen overnight. We go through experiences, good and bad, and we learn from them, in fact, the worst of them teaches us the most. As you grow, you get to understand yourself more. You can be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you get to know who can be the right person for you.

If you went through a bad relationship, you psychologically start to put up a shield around your heart, and your feelings towards love begin to change in an unhealthy way. When you develop emotions for someone, the first thought that comes to your mind is to walk away, because you become afraid to get a step closer. It's complicated. However, it’s about time you go more easy on yourself, so we're here to help and tell you how to open up and love again...

1. In order to open up and love again, you should know that your past is just history and doesn’t define who you are as a person. As much as it’s important to put it all behind you, it’s also crucial that you learn from it. If your ex’s presence on social media bothers you, hide him from all your news-feeds and keep away everything that reminds you of him.

2. Stop being hard on yourself, because this will just lead no where. If you’ve been blaming yourself for trusting a bit too much or even giving out all of your emotions, then this should only teach you how to be more in control of your emotions next time.

3. Spend more time with different people other than your usual circle of family and friends. Getting to know new friends and putting yourself in new circles will definitely help give your life some refreshment. 

4. Stop putting too much expectations. You should also know that there’s always a probability of disappointment. Protect yourself and be on the safe side, just by expecting that you could be let-down and be okay with it.

5. An important step to make you open up and love again, is to take things less personally. If you think you haven’t found the right person yet, then it’s most certainly not about you. There’s no reason to beat yourself up and think the issue is all about you. Have some trust and confidence enough to accept what you go through. Over-thinking will do nothing but tire you. 

6. Spend sometime by yourself and get to know yourself better. You’re the one who is control of your life and decisions. Listen more to yourself and what you really need.

7. You should also take things slowly when it involves finding yourself in a new relationship. You may find him sweet, charming and super kind, but it's always healthier to give yourself more time to know him better.