1. Don’t wait for the man to open the door for you. You have two arms. He has two arms. If you’re not handicapped (or have just painted your fingernails – which, yes, is a legitimate excuse), open the door for yourself.

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2. Don’t wait for the man to pick up the check. You are both adults. You are an independent complete person and a fully functioning member of society. Unless one of you is a hobo and can’t afford dinner, divide the check. (If he insists on paying, get the next one.)

3. Don’t wait for the man to make the first move either. No one has ever died due to rejection. You like him, ask him out. You wanna get on his lap and give him a lapdance while he still contemplates whether he should go for that kiss, go for it. End of story.

4. Don’t wait until you’re married to show him your “real” hair or your face without makeup. A man who loves you will think you’re beautiful regardless of your looks. Ditch the fake nails and lashes and take him hiking.

I also wanna add this: Don’t brag about how much he’s spending on you because it’s seriously repulsive. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s not cute. It’s disgusting. Go get a job and stop being such a spoiled ho.

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