First off let me apologize for not posting last week as it was quite a stressful one. But let me update you on some exciting happenings that went on last week in my life, or actually Habiba's life. You've surely heard me speak about Habiba (one of my closest friends). The girl that has some serious issues with her self confidence, though she's a very pretty and fun person. Her birthday was last week and we decided to do something pretty amazing for her. So Billy, Mona, Dina started discussing on a group on What's App on how to celebrate Habiba's birthday and make her feel special.

Dina: How about a fun night out with some hot guys?

Me: Remind me again why that would be special?

Dina: Hmmm, well I guess she'll exercise the flirting techniques she's been reading about throughout her life. It might come in handy!

Billy: Not sure if that's the best idea. Maybe a surprise party?

Mona: Yeah, she's not 5 anymore dude.

Me: I'm with Mona on that.

So we kept on discussing here and there and finally decided on calling her and just checking what she would like to do. 

Me: Guys, hold that thought, she's calling me now at home. I'll check with her and let you know.


Habiba: Hey Luci, I missed you girl!

Me: So did I. How have you been?

Habiba: Nothing much. Life is pretty boring as usual.

Me: Where's this pessimism coming from?

Habiba: Okay, want some exciting news?

Me: Yes please!

Habiba: My mum is setting me up with a guy.

Me: Hmmm, and you're okay with that?

Habiba: Yeah, I actually stalked him a bit on Facebook and we have lots of common friends. Plus he's hot!

Me: Hahaha don't you just love how we girls can do stalking better than the FBI?

Habiba: I spoke to him yesterday and he wants to take me out for my birthday.

Me: Are you sure? After all it's your special day, you should be with the people who care about you the most.

Habiba: And if the people who care about me the most know that I have never been on a date, they would actually understand how important this is for me.

I tried to hide how I felt about it and at the end of the call with Habiba I managed to show her how "excited" I was for her. Now back to the chat with the rest of the gang.

Me: Okay guys, change of plans! Habiba has a date on her birthday...

Dina: Imaginary friend?

Me: Dina, don't be a bitch lol

Dina: Okay, go on...

Me: Her mum set her up with a guy, she stalked him a bit and they even spoke over the phone. She seems to be pretty excited about it, so let's not burst her bubble, shall we?

After some arguing if that was the best thing for her, we decided to just let it go. After all it's her life and she's the one who should decide what's best for her. So we decided to twist things a bit. We'll celebrate with her pre and post her date, which means double the fun. I called Habiba up again to let her know the plans we made for her.

Me: Okay so here's how we'll still manage to celebrate with you on your birthday.

Habiba: How?

Me: Pre and post your date.

Habiba: But I'll be pretty busy before my date. I don't even know what to wear and what I'll do with my look. I'll just be a wreck...

Me: Then we're here to help. As a birthday gift we'll take you to the salon Billy works at, do some changes here and there. When was the last time you got a nice massage or a new hair cut for that matter?

Habiba: You're so right! This is just what I need...

Me: Perfect, then we have date. We'll be passing by, to help you decide what to wear and then will take you to the salon. After you're done with your date, which will be amazing I'm sure, we're doing a sleepover at my house. My parents are at our summer house now, so we can party as much as we want!

Yayyy! I got excited myself. It would make me super happy to see Habiba get a second date with that guy and simply sweep him off his feet. All she needs to do is just relax and be herself.

The big day finally came and Mona, Dina and I bursted into Habiba's room.

Dina: So what are you planning on wearing tonight?

Habiba pointed at a skirt and a top she had hanging outside of her closet.

Dina: No you're not wearing that! Seriously there's no way I'm going to let you leave the house with that on.

Habiba: Why not?

Dina: Hmmm, let me think! Maybe because it's too boring?

Habiba: You guys sure? (she looked at all of us and we all nodded)

We went through her closet here and there, but couldn't find something that exciting. So Dina excused herself, vanished for half an hour or so and came back with a few options.

Habiba: That was fast! Where did you get those from?

Dina: My mom's bestie has this boutique around the corner. So I asked her to borrow a few pieces until you decide what you want to go for.

The dresses Dina picked weren't Habiba's style at all, however they looked amazing on her. At the end we all voted for a cute and colorful dress. Next up was a treat at the salon, where she got a new hair cut, did some mani and pedicure and I could already see a huge smile on her face. She was glowing! The salon owner even treated her for a nice facial when he knew it was her birthday. 

We took her back home for some makeup treatment. I kind of felt like a proud mother on her daughter's prom night; with all the attention we gave her she sure felt like the center of attention and loved it.

Mona: Message us if he's boring you to death or if he turns out to be a creep and I'll do the needed!

Habiba: Are you planning on hitting him or what?

Mona: No!!! I'll just come up with the perfect excuse to come and get you.

And with that Habiba disappeared in the guy's car and off to her date. We were all waiting eagerly for her to text us or call us, but she didn't, so we took it as a good sign.

Billy: Let's watch a movie or play a game.

Yes, I forgot to tell you Billy came over to my house to wait with us for Habiba, and let's face it I was eagerly waiting to cuddle while we were watching TV. I could see Mona giving me some sharp looks every now and then, but then she tried to grab Billy's attention by talking about some new motorcycle and car models. Of course I knew nothing about that stuff, so I had to act cool and engage with Dina in nonsense conversations.

Two hours later, Habiba rang the door and we were pretty excited to hear what she had to say. She kept on talking about the guy and how charming he is not to mention a gentleman and a very successful businessman. He got her flowers for her birthday, a customized menu and rose petals. It all sounded too good to be true and especially for two people who had just met, but I kept my mouth shut and continued listening. As long as she's happy no one should burst her bubble.

Dina: Wait a second, did you say his name is Rafik Rashid?

Habiba: Yes!

Dina: Rafik Rashid, the guy who owns the construction company?

Habiba: Yeah!

Dina: Oh shit! Never knew you had that little gold digger inside of you haha

Habiba: Of course I don't, I didn't like him because he's rich, you know I don't care about that stuff.

Dina: And what about his age? I think the dude's 40 something and you're still in your 20's.

Habiba: Yeah, I was a bit shocked in the beginning to discover he's 48 and that I stalked his son instead of him. Of course that wasn't a pleasant surprise, but once he started talking more, he was very interesting.

Mona: Are you even listening to yourself?! You said the guy has a son and who's probably your age. That doesn't sound right. Sorry!

You have no idea how long we discussed it back and forth with her, but seems like she was pretty set that she liked the guy and how much attention he gave her. So this time, instead of me giving you the ending, I'd rather know what you guys think about this. The guy has been divorced before, is twice Habiba's age and seems to be trying too hard. Does that sound right to you?

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