Habiba's big day finally came which means one thing, I'll be able to chill again as she'll hopefully relax a bit once the engagement ends. I wasn't even able to sleep properly this weekend, as she kept on calling me the whole time and woke me up very early on her engagement day. It's fine though, I'm going to suck it up just for her. I wonder if she was able to do that with Dina and Mona as well. I know Dina wouldn't allow her to do that and Mona wouldn't be that available anyway. Billy was among the people invited to Habiba's engagement and I was kind of worried of how awkward things would be between us; I also had to look gorgeous. Yes, he has to regret not being with me even more muahaha.

I arrived to Habiba's house early in the morning and everything there was so chaotic. Everyone was running around, from Biba, her mother, to the maids. Chill people, please chill!

Me: Madame, I'm at your service, what do you want me to do?

Habiba: Very funny! I don't know where to even begin...

Me: Okay, let me handle things. You just go relax a bit, take a shower to get ready for the makeup artist and the hairstylist.

Habiba: You sure?

Me: Of course I am.

Habiba: I love you, you're the best!

I went over to Habiba's mum to check with her on what needs to be done and let her calm down a bit. We started off with decorating the whole place, and I called up the caterers to make sure they'll arrive on time. Next up was calling Mona and Dina to make sure they show up around 7 pm right after Habiba was supposed to be done with hair and makeup.

Me: See, the rose dress doesn't make you look chubby!

Habiba: Yeah, I was a bit nervous. I can't believe I'm finally getting engaged, I've been waiting forever for this day.

Me: Really?

Habiba: Yes. I'm not as pretty as you guys and can get just about any guy I want.

Me: Not true. You're the cutest one of us four, not to mention you can get anyone you want, you just don't know it. Plus look at where the three of us are. I just had a terrible breakup, Dina is a total man eater, it doesn't seem like she's ever going to settle down and then there's Mona who's married to her company.

Habiba: Hahaha Luci you always make me laugh.

Both the makeup artist and the hairstylist arrived at the same time, which got Habiba even more nervous, as one was too late and the other was too early. I asked the makeup artist to start off and took the hairstylist with me to get him some delicious treats and chitchat a bit. Half an hour later I heard Habiba calling me and made my way up to her room.

Habiba: What do you think?

Me: You look awesome!

Habiba: You think?

Me: Yes of course I do. Rafik will be really happy.

Her hair was next, then the dress and finally I'll be able to pimp up myself as well. I really looked like crap but I was so happy for her, I didn't even care. A few hours passed and then it was time to get dressed. I got an awesome and might I add sexy red dress to wear for that special night. Something that shows off curves but without being too revealing, along with some nude Louboutin heels.

Dina: We're here bitches! Miss us?

Me: Of course not haha.

Dina: Well, I'm here anyway whether you missed me or not. Though I know you did!

Mona: What should we do?

Me: Mona, can you help out Habiba's mum? And Dina can you greet people once they arrive, they are going to start showing up soon.

Habiba: Oh shit!

Dina: Why shit? You're almost done woman, stop overreacting please.

Mona: Biba you look gorgeous.

We all looked gorgeous might I add, especially Biba, I could see she was really confident, which is a huge accomplishment. Everything was in place, I finished off my makeup and hair then continued helping Biba a bit more. Off we go!

Rafik was the first to show up of course and soon afterwards the rest of the guests starting coming in, one by one. It was certainly a full house and everything looked perfect. I was sooo excited, seriously you have no idea how happy I was.

I saw Billy standing in the corner with some of our friends and decided I'd make the first move and go greet them/him. 

Me: Hey guys, how are you?

They were all excited to see me, except for him. He was totally avoiding making any eye contact, which was fine by me. Of course things were going to get awkward. I talked to them a bit and then went over to my parents.

Me: Mum, you're looking good and of course you too dad.

Dad: You too my little angel.

A weird auntie greeted my mum and said something she shouldn't have: "Luci, it's your turn next! I have so many great guys for you."

Mum: Really? That would be great because it doesn't look like it's going to be her turn next.

I smiled politely and waited till the woman engaged in a talk with my dad then turned to my mum saying: "Really? Do you think I'm that desperate mum?"

Mum: That's not what I'm saying, but it would be great if she has options for you.

Me: Well, I just went through a breakup, let's not rush things. When the time comes I'm sure I'll manage to find a good guy.

As soon as I laid eyes on Habiba's mum, I rushed to her pretending to see if she needs any help, but the truth was I didn't want my mum to make me feel like I'm desperate.

Me: Is there anything I can help with auntie?

Habiba's mum: Thanks Luci, you've already helped a lot dear.

Me: You know Habiba is my sister.

Habiba's mum: Can I tell you something? I just need to let it out.

Me: Sure!

Habiba's mum: I have to admit that I'm not that happy about her and Rafik getting together. He's almost as old as I am. Well, maybe a few years younger, but you get the point.

Me: Neither were we at first, but then Habiba kept on insisting he's an amazing guy and it looks like he is. Plus as long as he makes her happy auntie, age shouldn't be an issue.

Habiba's mum:  You're right.  Habiba kept insisting that Rafik is who she wants, honestIy I didn't want her devastated, which is why I gave her my blessing. I'm not sure why but for some reason she doesn't think like she deserves better. She's a gorgeous girl.

Me: I know what you mean, but let's just hope she made the right decision. As long as he's amazing to her then he has my blessing. Habiba just needs to be reassured every once in a while. Now please forget about it and let's have fun for her sake.

Soon after most of the grown-ups left we started dancing and going crazy. Did I tell you that I dance like a crazy person? In a good way of course, but dancing sets me free. Dina does sexy dancing and Mona dances like a robot, but well, who am I to judge? Billy wasn't dancing but instead texting. Whenever I looked at him, it seems like he was texting. Maybe it's Nathalie, but who cares?

Habiba dragged Billy to the dance floor so he can join in on the fun, I smiled at him, he didn't even smile back. Maybe I'm making a mistake trying to be nice to him. A smile won't hurt, after all we were childhood friends. The night went on and we all acted as crazy as possible, it was so much fun! It was time for us all to head back home and I gave Habiba a huge hug and kiss telling her how happy I am for her and of course told Rafik the same. Did I mention he was dancing like a twenty year old too?

Billy was just walking out of the door, and I know he saw me! For a second there I thought he'll continue walking out without even saying goodbye, but then he changed his mind and turned around.

Billy: Bye Luci!

Me: Good night, I hope you had a great time.

Billy: Yeah, kind of. Glad to see you're happy.

Me: I am. Have a wonderful night man.

I knew the word "man" or "dude" always annoyed him a lot, so I had to add them to the sentence.

I got back home and just threw myself onto my bed. My phone beeped with a message from Amr asking me how it went, so I called him.

Me: Heyyy, glad to see you're checking up on me. It was awesome, I had so much fun! But Billy was there and things were kind of awkward.

Amr: That's just normal I guess, he's still not over you.

Me: Yeah whatever. How was your day? Any more exciting dates?

Amr: Hahaha you know me too well. Nadine and I went out again today, but I'm not so sure about her. She seems like a materialistic girl.

Me: Well, if you're looking for materialistic, look no further, I can tell Sahar is waiting eagerly for you. 

Amr: Sahar is my favorite employee ever...

Me: Really?

Amr: Not really, but she's definitely not my type. I wouldn't date someone in the company.

Me: Oh, you wouldn't?

Amr: There's always an exception but usually I wouldn't.

Me: So Youssef doesn't have a chance with you?

Amr: Eww! Youssef is a great guy, but seriously do you think I'm gay?

Me: Of course not, I'm just kidding...

Amr: Anyway, I know you're exhausted and need to wake up early. I hear your boss is such a tough personality and he wouldn't be okay with you coming half asleep. He doesn't think you're fun when you're grumpy!

Me: Tell my boss he doesn't have to worry about that. I'm going to sleep right away and be fit again in the morning. Good night Amr.

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