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Post #29: Engagement-zilla

The weekend is the time where you get to relax and sleep as much as you'd like, but with Habiba literally dragging me out of bed last Saturday, I wasn't able to get my beauty sleep. She was shouting with excitement: "It's time for some serious shopping!"

Me: Why so early? Go socialize with my mum, I need to sleep a bit more.

Habiba: No, get up! I'm so excited for us to get my dress. Please Luci, please.

Me: Okay!

I've always thought Habiba would make the perfect bridezilla, or engagement-zilla to be more precise. She didn't even let me finish off my coffee and rushed to her car.

Me: So where to first ma'am?

Habiba: We're going to get Dina and Mona first!

Me: Hmmm, Dina on a Saturday morning dragged out of bed doesn't strike me as a great idea. She'll be super grumpy.

Habiba: Yeah I know, this is going to be so much fun...

Me: Hahaha if you say so!

Thirty minutes later and the four of us are together in the car, of course Mona was looking into her phone and Dina was snoring in the back of the car. Well not really, but rather just mumbling in her sleep. We were all supposed to go hunt down the perfect engagement dress for Habiba and buy a few things for the decoration, as she's planning on hosting the engagement party at her house. I didn't even know what to wear to her engagement, but it had to be something stunning. I really want to show Billy that I'm so much better without him.

Our first stop was at a very cool boutique and I hoped Habiba would find her perfect fit without having to look everywhere and eventually get frustrated. Once we made it to the boutique, Dina was up and about cracking her usual jokes.

Dina: Hey Biba, when are we having lunch?

Habiba: It's still 11 am for God's sake!

I knew Dina was just trying to annoy her a little bit, but Habiba was in a great mood she wasn't going to let Dina's jokes get to her. Can I admit something? I felt a tiny bit of jealousy towards Habiba. It could have been me picking my engagement dress if things went well with Billy. If this ***** Nathalie would have never showed up, life would have been perfect. But then again, I'm thankful she came into his life and unfortunately mine, because I saw how he's truly like in situations like these.

Habiba: Luci what do you think of this dress? Should I try it on?

Me: Yeah, I think it'll look awesome on you!

She went into the fitting room with over twelve dresses, I hoped one of them is the one. I was longing to go back to bed, next weekend I guess! Habiba came out showing us the first dress.

Habiba: So?

Dina: Nope, next one.

Mona: It actually looks good!

Dina: Mona keep messaging and leave us experts to give our feedback.

Mona: What? I'm not even texting, plus I'm telling the truth, it looks great on you Biba!

Dina's comment got to Habiba this time and she decided not to go for this dress. She tried out the rest and there were two of them which I really loved.

Me: Okay, so go for the pastel rose one, it'll look awesome on you. The lace in that dress makes it so delicate, I just love it!

Thank God, Habiba trusted my opinion and went for the pastel rose dress, though Dina wasn't a big fan either. If I didn't know better, I would have said Dina is jealous, but I know she's not that kind. I guess she was still grumpy for waking up early and blaming Habiba for it.

Dina: Now can we please go have brunch or lunch?

Me: Yeah I think lunch would be a better idea. Let's try the restaurant down the street, Amr keeps on telling me how awesome it is.

Dina: Ohhh, well if Amr says it's cool then I'm sure it is. He's such a hottie.

Me: I wouldn't know, we're just friends.

Habiba: Great, then let's set Mona up with the hottie.

Me: Hmmm, yeah we could!

For some reason I wasn't that excited about the idea. They're both completely different, though both are entrepreneurs. Don't get me wrong, we're really just friends, it's not like I like him or anything.

We made it to the restaurant and decided to get a table outdoors just so we could enjoy some of the great weather and Mona could smoke.

Me: Where are we going next?

Habiba: I need to place an order for the cake and some decoration. Then you guys can go home and continue sleeping.

Dina: There's no way I can sleep again. I'm a morning person, remember?

Me: Yeah right and I'm the sexiest lady on the block!

Dina: If you say so...

As I was walking into the restroom, I spotted Amr with a girl chitchatting, it didn't feel right for me to go and say hello (for some reason!), but I have to admit the girl with him is really pretty. Walking back, he spotted me, a moment of awkwardness, because I didn't feel like going and greeting them, but HAD to.

Amr: Luci, how are you?

Me: Hey Amr!

Amr: This is Nadine. (pointing at the girl)

Me: Hi Nadine, great meeting you.

Amr: So what brings you here?

Me: We're doing some shopping for Habiba's engagement, and then I thought we'd try out this restaurant because you always tell me how great it is.

Amr: Well, enjoy it!

I excused myself as I kind of felt I wasn't that welcome to chitchat longer. 

Habiba: Who's that guy?

Me: That's Amr, my boss.

Mona: Oh, that's him? I do remember how handsome he is.

Me: Yeah I know.

Dina: Oh, you do? I thought he's just your friend and you don't notice those things.

Me: Dina, zip it hehe

Every once in a while I would try to sneak a peek and look at how much fun they were having. Amr seemed to be very comfortable around Nadine and reached over to kiss her on her cheek. Hmmm, I don't care, I really don't!

Me: Let's go? I don't want us to catch traffic.

Habiba: You're right, let's go!

It turned out Habiba was tricking us into more and more things, which was fine by me, I was actually enjoying my time with the girls. I ended up going back home at 10 pm. Can you believe it? I slept right away as I had tons of work early in the morning.

As soon as I arrived at the office I saw Nathalie, and for some reason I winked at her. It was my way of telling her, now you have Billy all for yourself, but in a sarcastic way. She looked right behind her to double check if I was winking at someone else or if I meant her. I'm definitely going to get my revenge on that girl soon, but let's just say it'll be in a funny way.

I looked for Amr at his office, but he wasn't there yet, so I started working right away. A few hours later, he arrived and made a stop at my office.

Amr: Hey, it was great seeing you yesterday, even though you looked half asleep.

Me: Oh my God, don't say that. I looked great hehe

Amr: Of course you did!

Me: So, is she your new target?

Amr: Who?

Me: Nadine.

Amr: She's an interesting person, but I'm still not sure yet.

Me: Too bad, right before I saw you I was discussing with my friends that I wanted to set you up with one of them.

Amr: Is that friend you want to set me up with as gorgeous as you?

I blushed, why the hell is he being that sweet to me? We're just friends, we cannot ever be more than friends. I'm not over Billy anyway and now I'm just over-thinking, just like I always do.

Me: She's awesome and an entrepreneur too. What do you say?

Amr: Hmmm, let's just say if I date her I won't be able to date you.

Me: Haha why would you want to date me? I'm your friend.

Amr: I mean if anything ever changes. Just keeping my options open.

Me: Yeah, you're really trying to get me to join your fan club. I always forget that!

We talked a bit more about work and once he left the office I got a call from Habiba. Should I answer? Or just ignore for now? I can't face the bridezilla's orders just yet. For some reason I decided to answer...

Habiba: Luciiiii (shouting out loud)

Me: What's wrong?

Habiba: I'm going to return the dress, it makes me look too chubby.

Me: Oh man. I'll finish work and then pick you up.

Here we go again, but her engagement is in a week and then she'll calm down again. I really hope I won't turn into a bridezilla, if I ever get hitched anytime soon that is...

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