"I'm getting engageddd!" shouted Habiba out loud from the other side of the phone and even my mum (who wasn't sitting right next to me) could hear her clearly.

Me: What? To whom?

Habiba: Who would it be silly? Of course Rafik!

Me: WOW! Mabruk! (I guess...)

Habiba: You don't sound that excited...

Me: No no, of course I am, but you just caught me at a bad time. Sorry! When? I want all the details!

Habiba: In two weeks from now and since you're my most favorite friend, you'll be helping me out, like a lot.

Me: Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. But I have to ask you this. Are you sure 100% of your decision? I don't want to sound rude or anything but there's a lot you need to consider if you're getting hitched to a man twice your age and it's my obligation as your friend to tell you that.

Habiba: Yeah, I've thought it through several times, don't worry and just get a bit more excited for me.

Me: Trust me, I am. I just want to get to know him better. Let's go out soon? All of us...

Habiba: You've got it!

I hung up the phone even more confused than I was before Habiba called. See, mum and I were discussing the Billy issue and she wanted to know all the details. Habiba's call kind of saved me for a couple of minutes but then it was back to reality with my mum. I tried to change the subject, but failed.

Me: I can't believe she's getting engaged to that guy!

Mum: What's wrong with him? If they truly love each other, then age shouldn't be an issue. I'm a wise woman, you should trust me. Now back to you and Billy...

Me: There's no me and Billy anymore mum.

Mum: I know, but you guys have been friends since you were kids, so I really think you should take the time and at least meet him face to face to end things properly. Be the better person...

Me: I'll think about it, I promise.

And with that, I bounced off to work, trying to forget about what I promised my mum. I don't think I have it in me to speak to Billy any time soon. At least until I calm down properly. He really hurt me, so why should I be the better person? And then there's Habiba. For some reason, I feel like she's making a terrible mistake. Habiba was never the wise one among us nor a good judge of character. Maybe I should call Dina...

Me: Hello sunshine, I'm back!

Dina: So you do remember me? God I'm so lucky you found the time to finally call me.

Me: PMSing much?

Dina: Yeah kind of!

Me: Did you hear the news?

Dina: What news missy?

Me: Habiba just called to tell me she's getting engaged in two weeks.

Dina: Oh SHIT! Where is this girl's head? She barely knows the guy, not to mention the age difference. What did you tell her?

Me: I tried to be supportive and then asked if she's sure about it. Seems to me like she's pretty certain. I was thinking we give him a chance and go out to dinner with both of them to get to know him better. What do you think?

Dina: Yeah and while we're at it, we try to break them off. Muahaha

Me: No! Let's try to get to know him first and then decide on that.

Luckily there was almost no traffic, like that ever happens! But I was pretty excited to make it to the office. I couldn't wait to see Amr and Youssef. Well, especially Amr. I really enjoyed the attention he was giving me back in London. Not in a flirty way, but having a friend who's really handsome is kind of awesome.

Me: Good morning!

Amr: Hey Luci, how are you?

Me: I'm fine, just thought I'd drop by your office and say hi.

Amr: That's great. Can you please check the press release Youssef drafted and give me your final confirmation that it's good to go?

Me: Sure, give me 10 minutes.

And suddenly I felt like he's a bit cold or way too professional with me. Maybe he was just trying to be nice to me before because of the whole breakup thing. Anyway, I need to focus on work, enough drama with guys, the lack of drama is something I'm really looking forward to! Thankfully I didn't spot Nathalie anywhere...

I'm done with the press release and sent my confirmation, when I received a message from Habiba checking if we're free to meet up today with Rafik because he's eager to get to know us better too. Ok, for a second I actually got excited to explore what this guy is like.

You know when there's just too much happening in one day? Well, that was the case for me. Shortly afterwards I received another message, this time it was from Billy telling me: "I know you still need your space and that's why I won't be making it today to the gathering with Habiba and Rafik. But PLEASE call me back. I tried to reach you so many times."

Habiba didn't even mention she was telling Billy, but I can't really blame her, after all we're all her close friends and it won't be that easy to erase him from my life. Should I call him? I did promise my mum that I'll think about it. I decided to get Youssef's advice on it. He was also a bit hesitant about whether to call back or not.

Youssef: Whenever you feel comfortable with it, you should definitely give him a call to end things properly, but he shouldn't pressure you to do that any time soon.

So the long day finally comes to an end and I put my things together to head home, when Amr leans towards my door and asks me to drop him off on my way home.

Me: Sure, you know you're always more than welcome!

Amr: That's sweet of you. Sorry I was a bit occupied today with tons to do, but I thought we can catch up now. Do you have plans for tonight?

I told him all about the dinner and that Billy decided not to show up because he knows I'm not ready yet.

Amr: Well, at least he's starting to use his head this time.

Me: So what do you think I should do? Should I call him?

Amr: I don't think you should. This guy had an amazing girl and lost her just like that. Trust me, you deserve much better than someone like Billy.

Me: Are you referring to me as an amazing girl? I'm flattered!

Amr: Well, it's the truth!

I couldn't help but blush, but his sweet compliment didn't necessarily mean anything in Amr land. He's just a nice person who loves making people around him feel good.

Now let me fast forward a few hours and tell you how the dinner with Habiba and Rafik went. Surprisingly well, I must admit! Billy meant what he said and didn't show up, phewww! And Rafik was such a cool person. He's fun, honest, wise and the best thing is I couldn't even notice the age difference. Yes, I've seen him before shortly but this was the first time we actually talked properly. He was very interested to know more about how my trip to London went, seems like Habiba was making quite the effort to let him know more about us. The night went on perfectly and I think Dina and Mona also thought they might have pre-judged Rafik. Right before we were going home I whispered in Habiba's ear saying: "I'm super excited for you guys and you're right, he's a really nice person!"

Though I've had tons to eat for dinner, but there was still some space for ice-cream. Let's face it, there's always space for that! I ran to the kitchen and started munching on it. For some reason that reminded me of my first ever date, or so I like to call it, with Billy back in Valentine's Day. Maybe we should have stayed friends, after all this guy means the world to me. And with that, I decided it's time to give him a call. The phone rings a couple of times and I'm really feeling nervous. Was it a bad call? Should I hang up now?

Billy: Luciii

Me: Hey!

Billy: Thank you!

Me: For?

Billy: Calling me back. It really means a lot to me.

Me: Well, I don't feel like talking now, but how about I see you in a day or two to talk things through?

Billy: Of course, tomorrow? Please?

Me: Sure!

Next day, I decided to go all glammed up and meet Billy. He was already there, looking all sad which kind of made me feel a tiny bit better.

Me: Hey!

Billy: How are you?

Me: Great. I just came back from London a few days ago. And you?

Billy: Awful.

Moment of silence, I really didn't care to ask why and he got that, so continued saying: "Luci you have no idea how sorry I am and how terrible I feel. You are my everything and I can't believe I messed it up just like that."

Me: Billy, that's all in the past. I just wanted to see you to tell you in person that while I still hope in the future we can try to be friends, being in a relationship with you isn't what I want anymore. We're better off as friends...

Billy: But, can't we talk it through again once you've calmed down a bit? Luci I adore you and I know you shared the same feelings. too I'm sure you can feel like that again.

Me: Trust me, if you would have at least called instead of disappearing like you did, things could have been different. But now I can safely say I don't have any feelings for you. You'll soon be Billy my friend and that's all.

Billy: Just like that?

Me: Well, you should have thought about that earlier. I'm not the one to blame here.

He tried to convince me a bit more, I could feel he was about to cry as well, but what he didn't get is that I just came to tell him it's over for good, out of respect to our friendship, not to discuss how we can move forward. Mum was right, being the better person made me feel so much better...

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