Ladies, haven't you always been wondering what guys talk about when they get together with their close friends? Well, I was and luckily enough my so called boyfriend likes to share those details with me. Did I mention I love that about him?

Well, two days ago I managed to finish work early and there wasn't much to do, so I called up Billy to see if he'd like to grab a late lunch, but he told me he was going out with his friends. So my next option was to call up Habiba, Dina and Mona for us to enjoy a ladies' night out. Luckily they were all free and excited to see one another, as they haven't caught up in a long while. I was a bit worried Mona might be a upset from the prank Dina and I had pulled on her last week, but over the phone she seemed extremely normal. Phewww!

We met at one of my favorite restaurants, it was certainly better than going clubbing like Dina had suggested, as I was actually more interested to hear what they had to say instead of dancing the night away. I didn't have much gossip from my side, but I knew the girls already had a huge bucket full of rumors and interesting things to talk about. Exciting, I loveee gossip!

Around 8.30 pm Habiba, Mona and I were already sitting and waiting for Dina to be able to order the delicious food we have been craving. Dina bounced into the restaurant happily and she greeted us saying: "Hey bitches, I've missed this! Oh, I have so much to tell you!" Here we go, I thought to myself, Dina will blabber the night away. How were things between her and Ben, I forgot to ask about that. So we all started chitchatting one by one about our personal lives. I was extremely careful in regards to what to share with them about Billy as I didn't want to upset Mona in any way, in case she was into him, plus I wouldn't want any of them to jinx what I currently have going on.

Dina: I miss Ben...

Me: I was meaning to ask about him, you haven't said a word about him lately.

Dina: Yeah, he's been away for work for quite some time. I forgot how he looks like hehe

Habiba: I haven't met him till now Dina!

Mona: Neither have I, but don't sweat it, she'll be exchanging him pretty soon. I can feel it.

Dina looked at Mona as if what Mona had just told her kind of got to her, but then started laughing.

Dina: Of course I won't exchange him soon, I kind of like him.

Habiba: I guess kind of like him is good enough for you. I haven't heard you saying that since forever. Does he have any good-looking friends you can set me up with?

Dina: His twin brother, how about that?

Habiba: I'm in!

Dina: Though I don't think he's as charismatic as Ben. Ben is walking hotness! And he knows how to please a woman.

Me: Yuk Dina, I really didn't want to get that picture into my mind. No one cares about your sexual life.

Habiba: I do. I mean I don't mind listening to that stuff. At least I'll get my experience from someone I trust, until I finally find a guy who's into me.

Mona: Habiba, as long as you go with this attitude you'll never find anyone. You need to love yourself and know how worthy you are for a guy to actually realize that. How can someone love you if you can't even love yourself?

Habiba didn't respond to that, I could feel she got a bit embarrassed and kept a bit quite afterwards. So I tried to keep the conversation going and started telling them how I think Sahar, my colleague at work who I really dislike, is trying to hook up with any guy she comes across. I told them a bit about how she has been flirting like crazy with our boss Amr and then there's the new guy Youssef, who for some reason doesn't give her much attention. Maybe, just maybe he's much smarter than to fall for a bimbo, or maybe he's gay, because most guys would jump for an opportunity like that, wouldn't they? One thing led to the other and we started talking about a girl who was with Mona and I in school called Nadia who is apparently pregnant with her second baby.

Dina: What the hell is this girl thinking. Does she know there's this new invention called birth control?

Me: Maybe she wanted this, let's not judge when we don't know much about it.

Habiba: Seriously? She's super young, already married and now has her second baby. Even worse her first child is only one year old, she's not going to be able to manage all of that.

Me: I'm with you on how tough it'll be on her, but if she's happy that way, then what the heck!

Mona: I saw her husband two days ago with another girl at a club. Poor Nadia, I wonder if she knows about that.

Me: Of course she doesn't, otherwise she would have flipped. She's not a very outgoing person as her husband. Remember back in school? He was the social butterfly, whereas she was more of the quite and shy one.

Mona: Yeah, that's true.

Dina: If I were you, I would have walked up to him at that club and made it a point that he would know you saw him. That way he can shit his pants, thinking over and over again whether you would tell Nadia or not.

Mona: No, I hate drama. Let them sort their shit out, why should I come between them?

Our talks kept on going on and on for almost three hours. We gossiped about common friends who recently got into and out of relationships, whether they're still in their early phases of the relationship or this poor girl who I really love. She recently got a divorce, and her jerk of an ex-husband's first reaction to the divorce was to update his Facebook status to "Finallyyyy SINGLE". I can only imagine how she must have felt. I could tell from Dina's face that she was remembering her ex-fiance and her hurtful breakup, but she put herself together and just added: "Guys, can't live with them and can't live without them." 

When I returned back home I really felt like calling Billy, but wasn't sure whether he'd be still out with his friends or back home. I texted him saying: "I'm home dear, if you're back as well call me, I miss you." Five minutes later he called me and I kept on telling him about how fun the night with the girls was, and it was a great chance for us to bond again with our fast paced life. As I mentioned before, Billy is the type of person who loves to share, so he started telling me about what he and his guy friends talked about. I listened carefully because this was certainly a super interesting topic for me, plus it would be fun to tell you guys about it as well. So he was out with two of his close friends, one of which I know pretty well as he was with me in college (Karim), but I never met the other one (Ahmed).

Me: So what do guys generally talk about. Sex?

Billy: Hahaha no we're not animals you know! I'm thinking girls talk about that much more than we do. Also that depends on the type of guy, if he's a jerk he would want to brag and hence talking about sex.

Me: I was kidding, I know you pick your friends wisely.

Billy: Not really, one's an idiot and the other doesn't really have a clue on how to talk to girls.

Me: How's that?

Billy: Well, let me take today as an example. We started talking about the Champion's League semi-finals and Ahmed and I were debating whether Barcelona or Bayern Muenchen would win the match. Of course, as delusional as he is, he kept on insisting Bayern Muenchen would win, as he thinks they're the best team this year. I reminded him that Messi was confirmed to play after his injury in that match and that's hopefully a guaranteed win for us, aka Barcelona. So me and him kept going back and forth about it, until his shisha came, which made him shut up a bit.

Me: And?

Billy: Next up was my turn to complain about work, or the lack of free time I have. As you know I have been really exhausted with both jobs, and then we discussed a getaway on the beach for a weekend to relax. Can you come with me?

Me: I'll have to speak to my mum. She doesn't know yet we're together by the way. I still need to tell her about it, but a bit later though.

Billy: Why?

Me: You know her, she's always trying to pressure me to find someone perfect, so last thing I need at the moment is someone pushing our relationship faster than it should go. We need to go slowly but surely, as you just mean too much to me.

Billy: Makes sense. Don't worry I'm here for the long run.

Me: Ohhhh, I'm happy to hear that.

Billy: Now continuing what we talked about today as well. So talking about the getaway, made Ahmed start nagging about wanting someone in his life. Girls either friend-zone him automatically or when he really likes someone, he somehow manages to screw it with his insecurity.

Me: Ouch, that sucks. I didn't know guys talk about their feelings. That's so gay hahaha

Billy: Bye Luci!

Me: No no hold on, I'm kidding.

Billy: I know that, just had to give you some drama. Anyway, so we kept on telling Ahmed that he needs to work on his social techniques especially towards women and he needs to trust himself a bit more.

Me: That's somehow similar to what we told Habiba. Maybe they'd make a great match!

Billy: Haha no way in hell. They would just bring each other down. I was thinking Mona would be more suitable for him.

Me: Yeah, she might work. Let's plan something next week then.

(I thought to myself this might be the best way to get her out of my way.)

Me: Seems like Karim was more on the quite side. How has he been?

Billy: You could say in deep shit. Remember the girl he was with for almost 7 months?

Me: Yeah I do, never liked her that much though, she's too much of a suck-up or a gold digger.

Billy: Exactly what I thought, but of course I couldn't tell him that back then. Now it seems like she found someone better and is moving on. But the thing is he doesn't seem to grasp that or still sees her as an innocent girl and constantly makes up excuses for her.

Me: He seems to be madly in love with her.

Billy: Yeah he is! But then again he's also fed up, or otherwise he wouldn't have opened up to ask for advice on what to do.

Me: What did you tell him?

Billy: To dump her like right away, before she hurts him even more.

Me: But I don't think he'll do that. If he's not convinced 100% he'll never have the guts to do it. I'm not even sure what's the best thing to be done here. Poor Karim, it sucks to be in his shoes at the moment. On a side note, did you tell them anything about me? Hello?!

Seems like the line was cut off. Two minutes later I see a text from Billy saying: "Sorry, seems the connection is pretty lousy. Of course I told them about you ;)". I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face, maybe I should start hinting about Billy to my mum.

Anyway, before I get going, let me sum up a few interesting facts I have come to learn. I would say women are more dirty minded, or at least we don't mind discussing intimate details about our relationships, whereas guys don't discuss that especially if they really like the girl. I would say guys are more boring, or so I like to think, as we have lots of more juicy things to talk about, but all in all there are too many similarities in contrary to what I had thought.

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