They say revenge is better served cold. Well, not always, but I wanted to start off my post in a dramatic way. So last I wrote to you guys I decided not to let Mona nor Billy know that I realized it was a prank. What I thought would be much cooler to do was paying them back, but in a funnier way. After discussions here and there with Dina, we came up with what I call a brilliant idea and a prank that would make my day. Hopefully they won't take it personally though.

As my acting skills aren't that strong, I thought it was best to start the prank through WhatsApp to be able to pull it off perfectly. So I started a group chat which I called "Exclusive Invitations" on there and invited Billy, Mona and of course my partner in crime Dina. 

Me: Guys, what's up? I have great news!

Dina: What?

Me: We're hosting a pretty exclusive event for a band in town, I've been trying to get you guys invitations and guess what? I finally did!

Billy: That's great news ;)

Mona: When is it?

Me: Tomorrow evening. Get ready for an unforgettable night.

Dina: Wohooo! I can't wait.

Mona: Me neither.

Billy: What's the band?

Me: Well, it's a surprise. I can't ruin it and tell you, but what I can say is that you'll LOVE them...

Dina: Dress code? Jeans and shit?

Me: No no, as I said it's a super exclusive thing, so the dress code is formal. Think gowns and suits or a tux for you Billy ;)

Mona: Oh, I'm not so sure if I feel like dressing up.

Billy: Great idea, I'm on board.

Dina: I love it too, count me in.

Mona: Okay, if Billy and Dina are on board then I can't be the party pooper!

Me: Great! I'll pick you guys up tomorrow at 6pm sharp.

And just like that, phase 1 of the prank was completed and they bought it. I sent Dina a separate WhatsApp message discussing the next steps, which I'll be revealing to you shortly.

The day came and I wore one of my favorite jeans, which makes my bottom look great and a figure flattering top to go with it. Of course I had to get one of my gowns as a camouflage with me in the car. Ten minutes later, I arrived at Billy's place and he was waiting for me. He greeted me with a long warm kiss on my cheek and a big hug, which truly made my day. Should I tell him we're just pulling off a prank on him and that I know Mona and him did the same to me? He's just too damn cute, I can't do that to him. Just as I was about to confess everything, Dina called me to check if everything was going as planned and she informed me that she has everything on set for us once we arrive. Dina's call came as a wake-up call to me, so I decided to stick to my plan and continue with it, instead of blabbering everything to Billy. When we passed by Mona she was pretty glammed up, which made me wonder why she was looking that fancy? She wasn't that excited about the event after all, was she perhaps trying to grab Billy's attention? Well, try harder Mona he's not going to give up that easily!

Mona: Why are you wearing jeans?

Me: I still have a couple of things to do when we arrive, so I'll change an hour later.

Mona: Yeah, makes sense.

She bought it, thank God. We finally arrived at a villa which belonged to Dina's brother in law, but then again I was the only one who knew that. I could hear the noise of kids, so I closed the windows and turned up the music and the AC so they wouldn't catch up on the prank just yet. The moment we stepped in, there were lots of colorful decorations and a sign that said "Happy Birthday Mo".

Billy: Who's Mo?

Me: You're going to find out right away.

Ten seconds later, an army of kids came running our way shouting: "They're hereeee!" I couldn't hold myself from cracking a loud laugh. Billy and Mona looked at me clueless, and I just gave a straight face when I looked at them. A second later, Dina came running after the kids. "Amazing, glad you guys made it."

Billy: What's up guys?

Me: I knew we couldn't get you guys here without making it sound like a posh event.

Mona: Why should we be here in the first place?

Dina: Well, it's as simple as the entertainment team for my nephew's birthday cancelled on us last minute. And I just had this brilliant idea that you and Billy are greattt with kids, so I thought why not help me out here?

Billy: Did you know about this?

Me: Yes, sorry. But we have to be here for her.

Billy: I have no problem being here for her, but why the hell am I even wearing a tux for this?

Me: Well, we just thought it would appeal more to the younger crowd.

What I just said made absolutely no sense and he knew it. Mona seemed annoyed but I could feel she was trying to suck it up. I wonder what was Billy thinking of by now? Would he walk out or would he wait to see what's coming up next? Before I even finished that thought, Dina's nephew pulled Billy from his hand saying: "Let's get this starting."

So let me brief you up on what the kids did to them, they had them as targets for their water fights, they asked them to do a small play for them and then when the cake came and finally Billy and Mona thought this was going to be over, a cake war started. At this point I really felt sorry for them, especially Billy. I could feel he didn't mind it as much as Mona did, but then again when he knows I planned it all with Dina against him, he'll just be too furious, so I thought I had to step in any moment now to save myself. I took part of the cake and threw it at Dina, then next on Dina's nephew. He couldn't stop laughing, he's a fun kid I could tell. My next target was Billy, and before I could aim at him I saw Mona throwing a huge pile on me. Lovely, my hair is now full of whipped cream and strawberries. That didn't affect my mood at all, as a matter of fact I couldn't stop laughing and whispered into Billy's ear: "What goes around, comes around, doesn't it?"

Billy: Huh?

Me: Even though I'm the one who planned this, but I still get cake not only in my face but also in my hair.

Billy: I knew it!

Me: You did?

Billy: Of course I did, why else would all of those weird coincidences take place? I just thought I'd play along so you can take your revenge on us. See how much you mean to me?

I blushed, and then another pile of cake was thrown this time towards my ear. Dina winked at me. Bitch, I'm so going to get her. 

Me: That's just a small payback for what you and Mona did to me!

Billy: Wasn't my idea, it was Mona's.

Me: Well, it wasn't as fun as my prank.

Billy: For me it was!

Me: Why's that?

Billy: It just proved to me that you care too much about me to get jealous.

Me: Of course I would!

Billy: And it was good to know that.

Me: Now excuse me as I make Mona's hair eat cake just as my hair did.

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