I always try to share with you my ups and downs and well let me tell you, this one is more of a downside story, or at least this is how I personally view it. Would appreciate your feedback on it as well. Last Monday, 1st of April, my friend Mona gave me a call to congratulate me on the great news. That is; Billy and I getting together and our first date, which I told you about last week. She told me Billy had shared with her how happy he is about it, and so was she, that we both make the perfect match. So I thought to myself, maybe I was wrong about her being into Billy, and maybe, just maybe it was all in my head.

It always happens to me, that I think of something a bit too soon. But... The next thing for her to tell me over the phone is that she had a confession to make. And I thought to myself, now what? Would she confess she's into him? Well, it was worse. Mona told me that around seven months ago, she and Billy got together just for a week, but then they decided risking that their friendship was not worth giving romance a try. She also mentioned that their fling included a kiss.

Hmmm, thoughts started popping here and there. So I was right after all that she had a thing for him, wasn't I? But more importantly how could he hide something like that from me and I had to hear it from her? Don't get me wrong she's one of my closest friends, so I appreciate her telling me. But it felt somehow bad that my suspicions about her having a thing for him were reassured. Shit!!! Why does everything have to include drama? Relationships should go smoother than that.

I started paying attention again to what Mona was telling me when she asked: "Are you still there?"

Me: Yes, yes everything is just sinking in. I'm actually happy you told me. Thanks!

Mona: I had to, after all I've known you for like forever.

I ended the call as soon as I could, but tried as much as possible not to give off a weird vibe towards her. I did what I do best, and acted very cool and calm about it. Now what? Should I call him and ask him, or should I wait for him to tell me something? So I decided it was best for me to wait for him to actually mention it. After all it's not a big deal. That's what I told myself, but deep inside, it was a big deal for me!

Half an hour later, he gives me a call and starts blabbering about all sorts of random things. I didn't say much and again tried to act cool. But I guess my bored voice gave it a bit out. So Billy asked me: "Is everything okay with you?"

Me: Yeah, just swamped at work.

Billy: Are you sure or is that annoying Sahar giving you a hard time again?

Me: No, it's not her.

Billy: Who then, your boss or one of your over-demanding clients?

Me: Haha, no not them either. I just have a lot to do, that's all.

I guess he took my word for it, and just continued talking a bit more. Then he started mentioning Habiba and Mona, and that he hasn't seen them in a while. He suggested we should all get together. That's it, I had to tell him something!

Me: Oh I thought you saw Mona recently.

Billy: Not really.

Me: How does she know we're together?

Billy: She called me up yesterday.

Me: Hmmm, cool! She called me today as well.

Billy: Really? Great, then let's plan something!

Me: Sure. Is there anything you'd like to tell me?

Billy: Just that you're the cutest girl ever...

Me: I'm being serious now!

He didn't seem to follow why I got so angry all of a sudden, so I finally told him what Mona told me over the phone, about them both being together. He mentioned that it was a fling a long time ago and it wasn't even a big deal. So it's true after all, I thought to myself. And here I wished what I heard from Mona would be just something she made up. But it's very unlike her to do something like that, so it must be true since they both confirmed.

Me: Why didn't you just tell me?

Billy: Simply because it was a long time ago and it's not of any importance to me anymore. I would have told you, but a bit later down the line.

I did the same thing I did with Mona, tried to act cool and hang up as soon as I could without showing how mad I got about this. At least she had enough balls to tell me what had happened, but he didn't even give a shit to let me know. I kept on thinking about it for the next hour after we hung up and it really made me furious. I picked up the phone to call Dina, and as soon as she answered I couldn't help but let all my negativity towards what had happened storm out. I gave her every bit and piece of the story firstly to let it out and secondly to seek her advice on what to do.

Dina: Hmmm

Me: What hmmm, say something!

Dina: I don't know if I were in your place what I would do. Let me think about it for a second.

Me: Ok , you have your second...

Dina: Oh wait, I have another call.

Me: Dina, I'm priority now.

Dina: But it's Billy, let me try and get his side of the story, maybe he has something good to say about it. I'll call you back.

And just like that she hung up and left me hanging. Ten minutes passed and she didn't call back yet, what could possibly be taking that long? Ten more minutes and then she finally called.

Dina: Hey, I'm finally back!

Me: What did he tell you?

Dina: Well, more of his side of the story.

Me: Which is? Dina talk, I won't beg for you to tell me.

Dina: Hmmm, I don't know how to tell you this.

Me: Tell me what? I'm starting to get even more furious.

Dina: Okay don't shoot the messenger, but it's an April's fool prank.

WTF was the first word that came to my mind. Dina started calming me down a bit and telling me the whole thing from Billy's side. Billy had told her that when he spoke to Mona and told her about both of us being together, she was thrilled for us and then they spoke a bit more and one thing led to the other and apparently she thought it would be fun to pull off an April's fool prank on me. 

Dina: So it's all her idea, don't hate him for that.

Me: But, he went ahead with it, so he's just as guilty as she is.

Dina: Luci, please don't overreact! It's just a joke.

Me: I know but the fact that both of them teamed up on me, that's not cool at all!

Dina: Why don't you do something about it. Give them a piece of your mind!

Me: No, I have a better idea. Don't tell Billy you told me I know it's a prank. You know payback is a BITCH!

So I agreed with Dina that I would prank them, and it's only a matter of time before I do that. I just had to think of the perfect idea. But on another note, I couldn't remove the thought from my head that Mona was the one behind the idea of the whole prank. My suspicions have been confirmed. Now I'm sure she's really into Billy! The question is, do you guys have any ideas on how I should prank them?

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