I woke up yesterday from a loud noise on the street, which turned out to be a car alarm that just wouldn't stop. For God's sake shut that thing off! When I reached over to pick the alarm clock next to my bed to check what time it is, I accidentally hit the cup of water and it fell on the floor. SHIT! Now I actually have to get up to clean the mess. What a way to start off a day I was extremely excited about!

Now aren't you going to ask me why I'm excited about it? Two words: Billy and date! Yes, you've heard that right. It was finally time for my date with Billy. I already had a hard time sleeping due to my overexcitement. You know that butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you're really happy yet a tiny bit worried? 

I cleaned up the floor and the car alarm was still on, but I decided to ignore the loud noise and went on to take a quick shower before I pick which dress I'll be taking with me to work for my date later on with Billy. Half an hour later and I'm all set, can you imagine I even forgot to drink my coffee this morning? I don't want to admit it just yet, but looks like one of those bad days. Positive thinking Luci, nothing but positive thoughts please!

As I was about to get into my car, I spot something from the mirror. Oh no! I run to the back of the car and just as suspected, some idiot hit the car pretty badly from behind. **** it! Seriously, what's wrong with people?! I notice the car alarm of the other car hasn't stopped yet. To be specific a red Honda. So I get a piece of paper and a pen out of my bag and write: "You idiot, if you don't know how to shut up your car, we'll do it for you", and signed it 'the whole freaking neighborhood'.

I really didn't feel like driving my car now, knowing my luck with this day it might not be the best idea. So what's next for me? Billy ditching me perhaps? So I call Dina, as she lives near by and ask for a ride to work. Ten minutes later she picks me up, and I try to make conversation as I'm super excited about my date to come, but try even harder not to tell her anything about it. I already did the mistake of telling Habiba and look how my day has been going so far. Trust me I'm not the girl who even believes in bad luck at all, just a series of unfortunate events, even when extremely small but they can make or break your day. I try to distract myself and daydream where Billy would be taking me out on a date.

As soon as I step out of Dina's car, I'm happy to walk into the doors of the office, one step closer to seeing Billy. I have a meeting in exactly 15 minutes, so it made sense to drink that coffee I missed out on at home. I spot bitchy bitch Sahar in the corner flirting with that new dude, Youssef, who just joined the team. Is it just me or did she get a boob job? I had a smirk on my face I couldn't wipe off and an evil laugh inside of my head.

I walk back happily to my office with my coffee in my hand, now I can finally start the day the right way I think to myself. Oopsss, I said that a bit too early. You know when everything happens in slow motion in movies when a person falls? Well, this is exactly how I felt when I tripped over the new carpet they've added to our office floor. I try to get up in grace as if nothing has happened. Shit happens but life goes on, I'll still stay as happy and excited as I am supposed to be. Nothing is going to change that!

"Oh you've spilled coffee over your top!", pointed out Sahar. She continued saying: "Do you know it's never going to get off?". I didn't answer her, but instead rushed to the bathroom to try and see if I can somehow clean the stain, but discovered a minute later there's nothing I can do about it. I went back to my office and just wore my blazer on top of it, thank god the stain doesn't show that way.

Time for my meeting, where the client goes on and on about their new online campaign they would like to launch in a month. I start daydreaming again but this time about the car alarm, I wonder if it's off yet or still going on? 

Finally, the meeting is over and I can focus on other work that needs to be done like asap. Out of excitement for my date, I decided to try calling Billy to check with him where he'll be picking me up from since I don't have my car with me anymore. He doesn't answer. Maybe he's just busy at work, he'll call me back later once he sees this. The rest of the day continues in a bit more relaxed way, the small incidents that keep on happening to me don't bother me anymore, I'm stronger than that.

It's 3.30 pm already, wohooo three more hours to go and I'll have the most amazing date ever! I pick up my iPhone to check if Billy has called me back yet, maybe I missed it, but nothing there, only email and instagram notifications. I open up what's app to check when was the last time he was seen online, and it shows 'yesterday at 11pm'. Maybe he caught the flu with that terrible weather that keeps on changing? I call him again, but he still doesn't pick up. Now I'm starting to worry a bit, is he actually blowing me off? He can't do that to me. Maybe he got cold feet?

I keep a close eye on my phone the rest of the working day, waiting eagerly for him to call whenever the phone beeps, but it's never him. I get a what's app from Habiba saying: "Who's gonna have an amazing date tonight?" I didn't even bother to open it so she doesn't see when I was last online, the last thing I need at the moment is explaining to her that I'm not even sure if I'll be going out on a date to begin with. This day just keeps on getting better, doesn't it?

It's 6 pm and the phone finally rings, it's a number I'm not familiar with, please let it be Billy, pleaseee! 


Me: Hello!

Dina: What's up woman? Do you want me to pick you up?

Me: Yeah, that'll be great, except that I'm not sure where I'm going yet.

I continue telling her about my story with Billy, I had to, I had to get a strong female's feedback on this. He simply can't be ignoring me! So Dina advises me to get into the dress I got for the date anyways, call Billy he'll answer for sure, but if he doesn't then screw him and she'll take me to a fun night out. What do I have to loose, right?

I call him one last time, nothing, it gets to his answer machine. Okay, that's it, I get dressed and grab my bag to wait for Dina to pick me up. She keeps on messaging while driving, she must be talking to her hotness monster Ben.


Me: Dina, please stop texting you're gonna kill us!

Dina: Take a chill pill, I got this. And here, here's my phone, I'm not going to text anymore.

A while later we arrive at her house, as she needs to change her outfit before we head out. Still no sign of Billy. This must be one of those days where you better stay in bed.


Dina: I need a minute exactly...

Me: Then I'll wait for you in the car?

Dina: No no just come with me.

I get out of the car and I start hearing a car horn. I hate it when idiots try to grab women's attention that way. It keeps on beeping again and again, until I look across the street and I was just shocked. Do you want to know what happens next?

I see Billy across the street, looking hotter than ever. I look at Dina and then back to him, not getting what's actually going on. It only hits me when Dina winked at me, she always does that when she has a surprise or trick up her sleeves.


Me: Were you part of this?

Dina: Me? I would never do something like that to you hahahaha

Me: Of course you would, that has your name written all over it! 

Dina: I promise you the only thing me and Billy agreed on is me dropping you off here, that's why I called you to pick you up from work.

Now I wink back at her and say my goodbyes to go to Billy. As I cross the street filled with water, an idiot driving a red Honda speeds by spraying water and mud over my dress. Great! Now I have a polka dotted dress made out of mud. Lucky me! I keep on smiling at Billy, focus on the goal Luci! He smiles at me and has a big bouquet in his hand, one that looks simply amazing! I don't say hi or how was your day, but instead give him a huge hug. 


Billy: You have no idea how happy I am to see you. I had an awful day at work, sorry I couldn't answer you.

Me: And you have no idea how happy I am to see you too. Let's just say my day wasn't any better, but NOW it's turning out to be just awesome!

So what did we end up doing? He initially had planned for us to go to a very fancy restaurant with an Italian cuisine, as he knows how much I love that. But since both him and I were exhausted after such a long day, we decided it was best to opt for a very relaxed, fun and 'go with the flow' kind of date. We started off by going to McDonalds drive through where I ordered a Happy Meal, I couldn't deal with a big sandwich that might end up as a disaster with the dress afterwards. We parked right in front of it, and kept on talking for more than an hour. None of us paid attention to the time, it's like time flew by so quickly. We made fun of Dina and her enormous big heart that had space for more than one man, I even told him about Sahar and how much of a hard time she gives me. He told me about his work day and the problems he has been having with a promotion coming up soon, and the people standing in the way of this promotion. I've known him for ages but he never opened up like that to me. I was really happy about it! We continued the night walking down a crowded street which had tons of shops, where he insisted on buying me a terrible lamp we made so many jokes about. I couldn't help but stop by the ice-cream place, even though I was too excited to eat.

I could go on and on about how happy I am, and how much such a spontaneous and non-fancy date made me feel, but then again I'll be sharing with you more and more details with my upcoming posts. Moral of my day, a series of unfortunate events don't mean your day has to end off that way, you can do something about it!

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