Yesterday was Mother's Day and while I spent a long time going back and forth on what to get her, I decided a nice photo album with an artsy feel to it would be a perfect gift for her. My mum isn't a very organized person, and I know it would take her forever to find the photos she would like to place inside of the album, so I decided to take that extra step and combine different images; starting from her wedding day, her romantic moments with my dad and up till my baby pictures and my first day at school.

As I started picking which images would make it to the album, I couldn't help but remember the story of how my parents met. They were college sweethearts, to be more specific they were both the same major and what started off as a friendship turned into a crazy love story. Which kind of gives me hope for me and Billy, shouldn't it? 

Finishing off the first three pages of the album, I picked another stack of pictures to go through them, which included photos of one of their college trips I guess. Oh god, seems like hot shorts were in for men at that time. Yuck! Kind of what I saw on the beach last summer, how can men be spotted wearing pink swim trunks, and don't get me started on the neon colors. Thank god, Billy isn't that type of guy!

I suddenly couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud as I stumbled upon pictures of my parents in a costume party. In the picture my mum was dressed as Marilyn Monroe and my dad went for Superman, which I guess was kind of creative back in their time. In that same picture there were two other women and a man. If I remember correctly my mum hates one of those two women, I think it's the brunette. Whenever my parents speak about the college days my mum throws some curse words here and there about that lady who was dressed as a bellydancer in the picture. If I had to give a wild guess I would say that lady was hitting on my dad and that's why my mum hates her? Women and drama lol

So the question is, if that was the case, would that woman be me or Mona when it comes to Billy? I immediately shook that thought out of my head once I came across my parents' wedding pictures. They looked sooo pretty! My mum's dress was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, though she showed it to me before, I always give that same reaction whenever I come across it again.

I rushed to her room and went into her side closet, searched a bit and took her wedding dress out. Sigh! If only I end up with such an amazing guy as my father and an exquisite gown such as this. Up till this day, my dad always mentions how being with my mum was the best thing that ever happened to him, and how hard it was for him to tell her he's madly in love with her. I really want that one day. It would be awesome if Billy or whoever I end up with would show me how much he appreciates having me around. 

I took the dress back with me into the living room and put it right next to me, as I continued to go through the pictures. Now it was time for my first day at kindergarden pictures. Why mum did you have to dress me like that? In one of the pictures I was wearing a multi-colored metallic small rain coat, this was too much of a color burst even for a picture. Ouch! 

For me that was a walk down memory lane, especially when I started coming across my first grade pictures, where I could spot Billy wearing something extremely awkward even for a kid. The next picture I picked up left me speechless; me, Billy and Mona, small little kids smiling and hugging one another. I can't do that to Mona and she can't do that to me, that is if she really likes him. We've been friends for ages, and we've always looked after one another. So screwing her up isn't really an option! I'll speak to her soon that's for sure, there's nothing better than honesty in cases such as these.

Finishing up the album and wrapping it, I decided to open my Facebook to check on what everyone has been up to. To my surprise I found way too many of my friends posting pictures of themselves with their mothers. Seriously guys, this is not what Mother's Day is all about, enough showing off and give your mothers the actual attention they deserve you idiots! I check if Billy is online and turns out he is, so I write the following: "You know what I just came across? A picture of me, you and Mona together in first grade."

Billy: No way, I want it!

Me: No you're not gonna get it. But I'll be kind enough to make a copy for you.

Billy: You're my favorite ;)

Me: Am I?

Billy: Is that even a question?

Me: Btw I've been meaning to talk to you...

Billy: Shoot!

Me: But I haven't made my mind yet if I should.

Billy: Suspense suspense! Tell me you know I'm a curious person.

Me: Never mind, not now.

Billy: Is it about a guy? I know you had a thing for that Jerry dude :p

Me: Whatttt? No way! Okay, now I'm never gonna tell you lol

Billy: Good, glad to hear that.

I smiled, and continued saying: "Why, didn't you like him?"

Billy: No I didn't, you deserve someone better.

Me: Oh yeah?

Billy: Someone who's amazing as I am :p

Me: Enough with the jokes hehe, but seriously someone as amazing as you would be quite the catch.

Billy: You think?

Me: Yes!

Billy: Then let's do something about that...

Me: Like?

Billy: Go out on a date! Maybe this time I'll get an actual kiss :p

No he didn't just say that! I looked again into the screen of my laptop and that's exactly what he just said. I started jumping up and down, wohoo! Then I finally got it together and answer: "Maybe you will, and maybe you won't."

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