You know how some people view the glass as half empty and others as half full? Well, I personally see life differently! For me, it's more of a big bucket of ice-cream, which can be delicious at times, comforting at others and when you take in a big dose, it becomes overwhelming. That's life, full of nothing but interesting, funny, exciting and at times devastating stories, and I'll be bringing that to you.

Who am I? For the sake of the stories and gossip I'll be telling you about on a weekly basis, I prefer to keep my name to myself, not only to protect my identity but also the people surrounding me, which I'll be in a way publicly exposing by telling you about their deepest secrets. Therefore, all you need to know for now is that my name is LUCI.

I know that still doesn't answer the question of who the hell I am, but let me try to pull you inside of my world a bit, maybe then you'll get a better picture. I'm a 25 year old woman, and still a kid at heart, who absolutely loves her work but sometimes the clients I handle make it a living hell. What do I do for a living? I'm a PR girl who can't live without her iPhone, which is sad I know, but the truth. I like to think of myself as stylish, that is when I'm not running around to meetings, and when I have time I actually do the effort to look good when out with my friends. More about them a few lines below! 

My favorite piece of all time is a vintage Chanel bag, which my mother gave me for my 23rd birthday. I absolutely love it and can't wait to get it out of the closet for that perfect date to come, but let's just say it hasn't yet. That's the main reason why my mother and I don't get along that well lately. I don't consider myself to be that old or in other words "khalas 3anest" and it's still not too late for me to find the perfect guy, yet she keeps on pushing me and trying to set me up with the weirdest men ever. Seriously, why the **** would I go for those guys? I deserve better! But I'll be telling you about her outstanding choices in my upcoming posts for Fustany. My dad on the other hand is a very chilled person who doesn't give a **** about anything. No wait he does! His tawla nights with his friends are sacred I must admit.

At work you'll always find me super focused and determined to get the best coverage for my clients, whether it's a premium spot on one of the most watched TV shows, the cover of an "it" magazine or help plan events the whole city will be talking about days and days after. Because of my work I get to mingle with the weirdest socialites ever, especially at the events we host for clients. Not my cup of tea I must say! On the other hand my bestfriend Habiba, who we call Biba, loves to be spotted in such occasions. She's just trying too hard to fit in I guess. But what I said doesn't give her much justice, she's a really sweet girl, too sweet at times. You know the girly girl type? Well, those two words describe her perfectly. Though I'm not that much into that type of people, but she's a very kind hearted person who I love dearly, and that's why I made an exception for her. Biba is 28 years old, black hair, wide hazel eyes, a bit on the chubby side and her most famous saying is: "though my name is Habiba, I've never been loved." Didn't I say she's a bit cliche? But a person like her is surely to find that perfect someone eventually, right?

The complete opposite of Biba is one of my closest friends Dina. She's a playgirl! She has the morals of a man, and she's drop dead gorgeous, knows how to get whatever she wants with her flirty smile. Though she's also 28 years old, she's not looking to be committed to anyone any time soon. I wouldn't blame her, back when she was 25 she got her heart broken pretty badly. She's fine now, but would you describe what I just told you about her as fine?

Moving on to Billy. Billy the bully, he's just one of a kind! We've been friends since we were both in kindergarten. His real name is Abdallah, the same age as I am, works in the morning in a multi-national company and dedicates a couple of hours per day to his true passion; hairstyling. I'm not making that up, he's actually one of the best. He's a guy (straight I promise you!) who knows what he loves and isn't afraid to go for it. Women love him, especially after they discover his wild side, aka his Harley and weekend trips. Told you, he's a cool guy!

Last but not least is Mona, who is also a childhood friend, but more of the tomboy style. What we have in common is our love and dedication for work, other than that there's nothing really. But that's what makes our friendship just great! Long hair in a ponytail, going for clothes that are always a size bigger and part of the Gezira club football team. Get the picture?

Now that I've taken you a bit into my world, and I'll be doing that each week, I have to tell you in my second diary post I'll be telling you about a juicy story, you wouldn't want to miss.

Don't say I haven't WARNED you, all my posts are kind of rated 18+, so don't go reading them if you're younger, or at least avoid reading them when your parents are around!

Until next time x


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