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| by Luci

Post #2: Get a Taste of My Rocky Road

So you're asking how a typical day in my life looks like? Just as normal and full of drama as yours. Picture this, last Monday I woke up a bit later than I should have, though the alarm on my iPhone was set to 6.30 am, for some reason I kept on snoozing. What started off as a snooze to 6.45 am, kept on happening over and over until I ended waking up at 8 am. Great! I have exactly one hour to take my shower, get dressed and have breakfast, take my coffee to go and reach the office! Doable? I guess, but thank god it's not dress up day today.

In case you're wondering what that is, dress up day takes place every Tuesday of the week, where we have to be fully glamed up. Who came up with that brilliant idea? Mademoiselle Sahar, my co-worker, she's kind of the special cherry on top of my cake. Did you believe what I just said? You shouldn't! She's like my least favorite person ever, but I'll be telling you more about her as I brief you up about how the day went.

So I finally get it together, step into my car, and of course face some serious traffic issues. I make it to the office around 9.30, half an hour late as we start at 9 sharp. Next thing I remember is me storming into the meeting room, where all my colleagues were already in discussions about the event we're hosting for one of our big shot clients on Valentine's Day. And of course Sahar makes a comment about me being late, as if everyone else hasn't already noticed that.

I'm not the kind of girl who likes to be called out for her mistakes, so I blushed a bit, and in that exact same moment my eyes met my gorgeous boss' eyes. Amr is his name and he's in his early thirties, super handsome, has a great figure, brown hair and hazel eyes. Think Josh Duhamel, but in my eyes he's even the better version of him! 

At last, I get it all together, have my notebook right in-front of me with all the ideas I worked on, it was my moment to shine and let everyone know what I worked so hard on to make that event an unforgettable one. I gave them a few ideas here and there, and then the most amazing thing happened. Amr gave me such great feedback. For a second there I thought, oh well maybe he's being a bit flirty here, but when he gave Sahar another great comment about her idea, it just hit me, he's just being himself. The good boss he is, who always likes to push his team forward.

Who am I kidding anyway? Amr is too professional to flirt with anyone at work, in fact he's not even the kind of person who believes in co-workers dating. But that never stops Sahar, who's a bit bitchy in case my previous comments haven't highlighted that enough, from trying to hit on the poor guy.

Around 11 am I finally got a chance to go back to my desk, but the day starts getting better from there (sarcastically speaking of course!). Remember the client's event we were discussing previously? They decided they needed lady X to attend their event, and this particular celebrity, although loved by many socialites, doesn't like to appear publicly that often. So it was kind of an impossible thing to accomplish to get her to come to the event.

Working in PR has taught me that the impossible has to be made possible, especially when you're dealing with fashion, beauty and celebrities. Saying no this can't be done at times isn't even an option. So I had to try and get lady X to that marvelous event of theirs, in a way or another.

By the way, my work isn't as bad as I describe it to be, I tend to exaggerate at times. It has tons of exciting things, such as meeting and mingling with interesting people, the freebies we get from makeup samples to bags, and did I mention the gossip? Well, that is most certainly my favorite part.

For an hour I kept on trying to figure out which string to pull or who to call to get celebrity X to attend, and then it suddenly hit me. She loves having her hair done by my dear friend Billy. I call him up and keep on begging for him to give her a call to make it happen, and after he finally agrees, he gets me the number of her General Manager so I can give him a call and as he told me mention I'm Billy's friend. Her Manager promises he'll get back to me by the end of the day, and I cross it off of my to do list with a big smile on my face. 

A few hours have passed, and I'm almost ready to leave work, though he didn't get back to me yet, but I decided to play it cool and call again tomorrow instead of hunting him down today. As soon as I walk out of my office, and to my surprise and also shock you can say, I find people congratulating Sahar for doing the undoable. My curiosity drives me to actually ask what's up, and they tell me how amazing Sahar is, because she managed to convince lady X to make an appearance at the event.

I was in shock! That *****!!! Please let your imagination go wild with the word you'd like to insert. What the hell is happening here? I worked my ass off today for this. I immediately called up lady X's Manager to ask him what was going on and why he didn't call me back to confirm. The guy told me for some weird reason he didn't save my number and couldn't find it later on, and called up at the office to confirm she'll be attending. I finished the call quickly as I was extremely disappointed. Now should I tell them at the office it was me who got her to come? I thought about it for a few seconds and then decided not to, because I'll be only embarrassing myself and causing a scene, plus Sahar is really good at lying, she'll be able to convince them it was her in a matter of seconds.

I wasn't in the mood to head home just yet, therefore my answer was an instant YES when Habiba called me up telling me she, Billy, Mona and Dina will be doing a late lunch together. They couldn't help but notice my straight face when I arrived and kept on insisting to know what was up, so I had no other choice than to let them know. As expected they kept on giving me their opinions on what I should have done, not paying attention to the fact that I just needed someone to listen to me not give me advice. But I sucked it up, and started thinking how I could have handled Sahar's dirty trick in a better way. Dina's comment brought me back to reality when she told me that I'm a ***** who never speaks up and always keep my mouth shut. If only she knew what I was writing about them here from behind their backs. Well, with time I'm sure they'll start noticing, especially Habiba as she's a frequent Fustany reader. I can't wait to see what they'll have to say then!

"I'm home.", I shout out loud as soon as I close the door behind me. My mum comes out of the kitchen giving me one hell of a big hug. Oh no, what's wrong now? There must be something on her mind. A few minutes later, I discover that thought was right. She started telling me about my cousin who will be getting engaged next month, with the extremely romantic story of her boyfriend's proposal. Hmmm, not very interesting mum, I have more important issues on my mind. Of course I didn't say that out loud, or else I wouldn't have heard the end of it. One thing led to the other and she started telling me "Mesh hanefra7 biki 2orayeb ba2a?". And I just gave her the usual look and nodded.

A couple more minutes in that useless discussion, and I finally get off of the hook. Some ME time, yay! I slip into my comfortable PJs, my charm bracelet got tangled into my sleeve (as usual), turn on the TV to see if any of my favorite series were currently on and then I remembered, something's missing here. I made my way quickly to the kitchen, the freezer to be more specific, got my bucket of ice-cream and ran back to the cozy sofa. I started watching and literally stuffing myself with the delicious caramel and cookies flavored ice-cream when it hit me. 

Time for a makeover! I'm so heading to the salon Billy works at asap! First thing tomorrow morning, I'll call him to schedule an appointment...

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