Remember when I told you last time that I was booking an appointment at the salon Billy works at? That's exactly where I was the day before yesterday, and I had to leave work a bit early to make it to my 4 o'clock appointment. I love the place, filled with lots of creativity and the people working there always greet me with a big smile on their face. I guess they think I have something going on with Billy, but that's not the case (I think!).

Billy asked me to stop ordering him around on how I want my new haircut to be and just leave him to do his magic, but I couldn't to be honest. I just know that hair stylists like to go for drastic changes, and I wasn't ready for that yet. Thank god, he left my hair the same length it is and decided I'd only go for a bang.

I arrived home two hours later, and found my mother talking on the phone to my cousin about her Valentine's Day plans. Oops, I totally forgot tomorrow is the most cliche day on earth. How did that even slip my mind with the big event we were planning? I took my shoes off and walked a few slow steps to my room, so my mum wouldn't notice I'm back home yet, or else I'd have to bare with the you're still single talk crap again. 

I started up my laptop to go through the final details of the event, everything was ready and all I had to do is head to the Four Seasons tomorrow morning to make sure the venue has been set up according to what we had planned. Now to the more important stuff, should I share with you what I was wearing? I opted for a Kate Spade dress featuring on-trend color-blocking (red, black and fuchsia). If you ask me, I'd always go for the fun option rather than the sexy one. Which brings me to Sahar, who I'm sure will be wearing a two size smaller bandage dress, just to show some extra cleavage.

The rest of the day wasn't that exciting, so I'll go ahead and skip it. Moving on to Thursday (yesterday), where I woke up extremely early (it was truly a proud moment for me), gathered everything I had to take with me including my dress and accessories, not to mention my Converse shoes in case I couldn't take the heels any longer. Around 8.30 am I arrived at the venue, no one from the office was there yet, only me and the people from the hotel. Am I allowed to brag that I felt another proud moment?

One by one my co-workers started showing up, even my boss Amr made an appearance in a blazer and jeans, which I couldn't help but notice how good his butt looks in. No sign of Sahar yet, this time I'm going to be give her a piece of my mind for sure hehehe (evil laugh).

Shit! I just looked into my iPhone and the clock hit 7. I'm not dressed yet, as a matter of fact, I haven't even began to do so. Rushing quickly to the room the hotel gave us, I stormed into the bathroom with my dress and accessories, put them on in a matter of seconds, and now it was time to give my makeup the attention it deserves. No smudging Mr. liquid eyeliner please. Done! Oh wait, I forgot to add some cream to my legs, they have to shine a bit more.

Twenty five minutes later, I made my way into the ballroom, where it was starting to fill up a bit with some guests, and I couldn't swipe the huge and evilish smile off of my face when I spotted Sahar in her bandage dress. The only thing I was wrong about, is that she went for three sizes smaller. Boob attack! 

I was always a firm believer that saying mean things with a smile is always better. So I walked towards Sahar and told her: "Nice dress, but it looks a bit too tight, can you even walk in it?" Still giving her the smile, and before she manages to answer, I walk away to greet one of the guests. 

The night went on fabulously, lady X even made a glamorous appearance, and I couldn't be happier that everything went smoothly. I picked up all of my things, and as I was walking out of the ballroom I couldn't help but notice all of the couples in the restaurant right in front of me. In that instant I felt a bit down, and thought to myself why the hell am I working on Valentine's Day and more importantly why am I single. I know I'm kind of good-looking with a good figure, so why do I have to spend that day on my own? 

Not thinking too much, I got my phone out and started dialing to what seems to be Billy's number. "Hey hey, are you free to grab some ice-cream?", I asked him. He laughed for a few seconds and told me to meet him at one of my favorite ice-cream places. As soon as I jumped into the car, I took my heels off, and replaced them with my Converse shoes. Cocktail dress and Converse, can it get any better? 

Each one of us made their picks, and we sat down to chit chat a bit. One thing led to the other and we started discussing ice-cream flavors and how they resemble men and women. I started off by saying: "You know, I'd like to find a man who's the perfect mix between Vanilla and Dark Chocolate with Mint. For me Vanilla resembles a guy who's sweet, caring, pure and straight forward. Yet I'd like to have a little taste of the Dark Chocolate one as well. I would imagine this type of guy to be more of the player who has a super appealing attitude. In other words he has that sexy attitude, you know what I'm talking about?" 

Billy answered by saying: "Are we seriously talking about guys and relationships now?" With a little bit of pleading and puppy eyes I managed to convince him to go on. "Okay, if that's the case then here are my thoughts about this subject. I would imagine my favorite two types of girls as Strawberry and Caramel and Cookies. The first one is more of the tease, and you know how guys love that?". I nodded, and he continued saying: "She's the kind of girl who takes good care of herself, is beautiful and knows how to keep a man happy. Top her off with some M&M's and you've got the perfect tempting mix. Now for the Caramel and Cookies girl, she's more of the outgoing and fun type, who's not afraid to voice out her opinion. I would think of her as the natural kind of girl who has her very own unique charm."

He made me smile while I was listening to him, because I'd like to think of myself as the second type (Caramel and Cookies flavor) he described. Ignoring what he just said, we went out to walk a bit and I continued: "On a second thought, I'd like to get a taste of the Dark Chocolate with Mint guy rather than Vanilla, the addition of the Mint would just tickle my taste-buds." A moment of silence, then I continued by saying: "I see you being more of the Dark Chocolate with Mint guy, you fit the criteria perfectly with your looks, attitude and your wild Harley side, not to mention the tattoo." 

Another moment of silence, I could see that it might not necessarily have been the right thing to say, but what the heck, the damage has already been done. By that time we had stopped walking, and were sitting on a bench. Billy leaned a bit more towards me, and answered by saying: "You think?", and he grinned in what I think was a flirtatious grin. I just nodded and smiled, trying to avoid direct eye contact, but failed. For a moment there we sat looking at one another, and I could feel it might turn into a kiss. Was it going to turn into one? I could feel lots of crazy butterflies in my stomach and I could feel he's coming closer.

Suddenly, the phone rang. I froze for a second, is this his phone or mine, and only realized it was his when he took it out of his pocket. "Oh, this is my dad. I have to take this I'm sorry.", he said. And so I sat there, wondering what could have happened, or was it for the best that it didn't because it might have ruined our friendship. I guess now wasn't the time to test that. When he got off of the phone, I came up with an excuse that my dad wants me to go home because it's too late. And so the night ended with what I call an interesting twist to Valentine's Day...

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