It all started one winter night, me sitting in my bed as usual flipping through a fashion website to check the latest it-items, and trying to find a great dress.  You know how it is in this world, you need a dress for a party and you check all your favorite stores and for some weird reason there is not a single good dress in sight. But when you have no party, and you are absolutely broke... you just see it there; the perfect dress behind the window of your favorite designer shop, and you wonder... “How many credit cards did I max out so far?”. Erghhh life is just weird, sometimes I feel like it’s a game of chess, where all other girls are queens and I am a mere soldier.

Anyhow, let's go on with the story, while I am sitting there with my iPad, I get this email from an Editor of a big online magazine in the region asking me for an interview. Being a PR girl I have always set up a lot of interviews for my clients, but this time it was different, it was an interview with MEEE! Yes!! Yes!! I will brag about it, an interview all about me. You see I am important…hahaha. If you can only see me in my tweety PJs right now, saying “I am important” you will get the real picture. 

Being me, I respond to the email immediately, telling them that I will be delighted to have an interview with them, and in a chilled way I ask about the details, you know, you don’t want to show you're too excited about it. They tell me it will be in two days, and they will send an Editor to my office with a photographer. Excited as I am, I whatsapp my girlfriends on our gossip group “the four of us” and share with them the news. “Hey hot mamas! I got an interview. Eat your hearts out!” 

Blabber mouth I know, everyone starts making fun of me and I leave them to be all mean about it. I haven't spoken to Billy for a while now, so I decided to check his Whatsapp account, just to give me an indication if he is still alive or not. He has been off the radar for a while. Last seen in 5 minutes! Oh I wonder who is he chatting with at this hour, a hot girl perhaps? Ummm, I must squeeze this info from him soon. Dina will be my accomplice for that.

The day comes, those perfect black pumps, an A-line skirt, my favorite silk shirt, my Tiffany bracelet and a dash of my favorite perfume. The interview goes smooth, “What is it like being a PR executive Luci?”, “What motivates you?”, “Do you think that women are better than men in PR?” Hell yes! I answer that and several other questions that I answer perfectly. I feel so refreshed, just seeing how the Editor was looking at me excited about my experience and the things I have been doing gave me a push to continue with my day.

A few days later, I am in bed again, and I receive a call. It’s Dina and she starts speaking in excitement: “Wake up sunshine, I just read your interview online. This Jerry dude looks amazing. I want to have him for breakfast with two pieces of toast, syrup and butter.” Wait a second, I think to myself. “Jerry? Who is Jerry?"

Dina laughs and answers: “The two guys that were interviewed with you. You know them "Ben and Jerry" the PR guys." WTFALAFEL?? I am with them in the same interview...why? Here I thought I was the star of the interview and even bragged about it. No wonder Dina called this early, rubbing it in my face like I did to her. I should really brag less, and drink less red bull. Anyway, I rush into the office to read the magazine, and apparently the Editor decided that it's great to have several perspectives; mine and that of “Ben” and “Jerry”. I call Dina immediately to talk about it, and she says it's totally fine. Sometimes magazines want a different perspective. And then it happened! An email notification [Ben is requesting to connect with you on Facebook...drum roll …bumpumpishhhh...

“Dina he just added me!”

“Who hunky Jerry?”

“No stupid! It’s the other one, the manly one."

And it happens again [Ben just sent you a msg]. I open it to check and it reads “hey Luci, it was lovely reading your perspective in the magazine. You looked great {you bet I do}, let's catch up over coffee sometime. How about Monday?"

After a long debate with Dina, who mentioned how edible he is, the word buns was mentioned a few times. You see, Dina loves men. Love is a small word, she adores them and sees them as treats. You can always hear her saying things like this one is a cupcake, the other one is foot long hotdog, and the story continues. We eventually had to remove a lot of dishes from our diets because they reminded us of an ex of Dina’s. I hesitate for a while and then after a couple of conversations on how I need some of that in my bed. 

You know how girl talk goes, and especially with Dina I always find myself using phrases I picked up from her. I miss when a hot dog was just a hot dog!!

Gathering up the courage, I decided to go…

There he was! Sitting, perfectly refined. I can't forget his smile till this moment, he has an amazing smile. It made my knees shake. There is something about him that made me feel like a little girl all dressed up for her birthday and receiving the best gift ever. Think Barbie house with the convertible pink car. I stood there for a good minute or two just looking at him, before I realized that I look crazy by now. Chop chop!!! Let me move, and now to my surprise, next to him sat the other one; Jerry or as Dina calls him “Sex on legs”. Why would he bring his brother? I thought this was a date! Crap! What the hell?!

“Hey Luci"

“Heyyy Ben… and Jerry”

To be continued!

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