It’s 6:54 pm to be precise. I am trying to juggle three things at once as usual. I really don’t know how people do it! I have to finish proof reading this article my boss asked for, and it's becoming ridiculous, it's not my job to edit articles, but he comes in wearing my favorite perfume for men (currently it’s Chanel Allure Sport Extreme, I will tell you if I change my mind later on, as it usually depends on who is wearing it hahaha), it fills the room and I just can’t say “NO” anymore. I know he is my boss - behave Luci! Anyway Dina is downstairs waiting for me, we're going out tonight and I am still not dressed. With who? Yes, you guessed it! We “me and Dina” are going out with Ben and Jerry. How did she convince me to come along? Well that’s what I will share with you this week. Me and Dina sharing a “Twix”…

It all started that day when I agreed to go out with Ben. And I ended up meeting him and his brother Jerry at my favorite café. You know how it is… in some situations you really want to be at a comfortable place that you are familiar with, just to be calmer and in control of the environment. And it also works at other times, usually when the date sucks, or when you are still in a stage where you don’t want to bump into your friends. You decide on going to the weirdest places, such as “Café Abu Mohammad”. My date with Ben, had to be in a place I am comfortable with, it was messed up enough that I was asked out for a date on Facebook, and there was no reason for me to make it weirder.

I step up the stairs, and I meet them both, “Hey Ben and... hey I suppose you are Jerry”. “Hey Luci!", they both answer. We sit down and they both start talking, yes they both start talking at the same time, as if it’s a competition, each one is trying to impress me with something.

Ben: “You look amazing today”. 

“Tha..nk you..” I guess…

Jerry: “What do you want to drink? My favorite thing here is their latte with hazelnut and caramel.”

To that I answered: “Thank you, I will take some fresh juice.” 

And the game begins. Ben starts to tell me about his work and how they are both passionate about what they are doing, his latest client and apparently they have closed a deal with a big international corporate. I can see Jerry was trying to talk, it’s like he can’t hold it in anymore. “Don’t listen to my brother, he is trying to impress you with our accounts. You look amazing by the way! Do you work out? I am sure it’s in your genes." Then he started going on and on about how he works out six times a day and showing me his biceps. It didn't stop there, the talk continued to focus on calories and how girls always ask to touch his biceps.

Intermission – girls for god sake, please don’t ask guys to touch their biceps. See what you have put me through? For the sake of our sisterhood, there is no need for guys to brag about how we like their biceps. Let's behave a bit! DINA I KNOW YOU ARE READING….

The conversation continues, and after a while everything runs smooth. I can see that they are both great guys, each one different in his own sense. Ben is more mature, chilled and cultured, he is more the refined one with all the good topics and the interesting subjects. While Jerry is the fun one, he makes sure that you are having a good time and creates an atmosphere to make you feel at home. I like! I like them… both?! Am I really picking? Is it really a place where I have to pick one? But if they were interested, and I am now questioning myself about the word “they”, it should be “he” singular. Why did they come together and why are they giving me equal attention? Who is the sidekick exactly? Who am I supposed to pick? Just give me a signal please! It’s the first time I wish a guy would play footsy with me under the table, just for me to know who. 

I try to give even attention spans to each one of them, and at times I see if I ignore one of them, would it work? All my plans fail. They are still both happily deep into conversation, and I am totally lost... I need a little break, I excuse myself and dash to the ladies room to get away from them for a while. Who knew men could ramble on even more than women? A few minutes of relief and a quick touch up to my lips, I drag myself back to the table. Walking past the exit I pause, oh that would be just horrible! No no, I can't do that to them, they do seem like nice guys. Just talk too much and frankly they seem a little bit too much into themselves. Well, god the exit is so tempting, tempting enough to go and kick Dina's ass! Then I remembered what she had told me: "Go for it Luci, how bad could it be?" A last glance at the door, the streets are so empty, and then suddenly a black Harley Davidson passes by roaring as it speeds away. Was Billy's Harley black or blue? Black, right? I pondered upon the color as I made my way back to the boys, rambling on as I left them. Black or blue? Was it him?

A few minutes later, I get a whatsapp message from her; man eater number one. “Lick that syrup… and raise your shoulders!” Huh, WTF? I look around and I can’t believe it, she is here on another table and looking at me, like she's watching a movie. She decides to get up and walk towards me, typical Dina. No need to introduce her, she does that perfectly; in her teeny weeny skirt, a Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt in X-Large (she is a size zero, but she loves experimenting), she has cut the collar so it would hang off the shoulder and she paired it with a small adorable red Chanel bag. I seriously wanted to clap for her outfit choice.


Luci!!! Hiii, what are you doing here? Heyyy guys I am Dina." *wink*

OMG she didn’t just wink at them? Anyhow, they ask her to come and sit with us, or did she invite herself? I can’t remember. The conversation starts evolving until we decided to meet again. This time we will go clubbing. I smile politely, I can't believe she just gets in, makes an outing and forces me to just smile and agree. We say good bye to Ben and Jerry, Ben comes forward, he pecks me on the cheek and says: "It was lovely meeting you". And then Jerry does the exact same thing...

I ended up texting Dina. “Meet me around the corner. Chat time. You're so dead!” After ten minutes Dina hops into my mini, and we start talking. She kept on telling me how I need to chill and how it's okay to meet guys just for fun. "You don’t need to be totally interested in them, just go out and have fun and see how it goes. You never know, sometimes first impressions are not that great…", she continues. At this stage I admit to her that Ben is kind of interesting, although I really don’t know why he ended up bringing his brother. She comments: “Maybe he is shy?”

“Oh I love shy guys, next time will he let his mum ask me out?”, I answered.

“No stupid, just have fun! Stop worrying about the future, and not enjoy the present.”

“Ok! Dina I will take your lead on this.”


So we decided to go clubbing with them, and Dina commanded me to wear a sexy number. I drew the line on wearing a wonder bra just to “pamper the twins” as she said.

Damn, I completely forgot! She's waiting for me downstairs. I promise you to finish this after we come back from the club. Wish me luck… with Ben or maybe Jerry…

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