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| by Luci

Post #6: Three is a Crowd

Saturday morning, time to pamper myself before I get wrapped up again with a hectic week at work. So I called up my girlfriends (Habiba, Dina and Mona) to go to Billy’s beauty salon and then off to lunch and movies.

I know what you’re thinking, I chose Billy’s salon as an excuse to run into him. Well I have news for you readers, the prices and the service there really is the best, and I need the best. A girl’s gotta look good. Oh, who am I kidding?

At the salon, each one of us started blabbering about what she had been up to recently, as we haven't seen each other for quite a while, except for me and mademoiselle Dina of course, who was with me during the weekend. Seeing Habiba go on and on about her latest trip to Istanbul, from great food to men and shopping, made me realize I need to plan a fun vacation soon. Maybe Milan or Barcelona? 

Mona started telling us about this workshop she's been attending for entrepreneurship, she seemed quite excited for it. To be honest, it always makes me happy seeing Mona passionate about something. She's the only child and has been raised up by her dad, which kind of explains her tomboyish style. Ever since she started her own website for the "How to" videos, I've noticed a positive change with her attitude towards life. As she kept on talking, and the rest kind of looked bored, I couldn't help but smile at how proud I am of her. She took life into her own hands, unlike me, Habiba or even Dina.

It was now my turn to tell them a bit about how things were on my side, so I started off with work, and suddenly Dina interrupted me saying: "You know you do have more fun things to talk about, or has work become the center of your attention?" For a second there, I thought she was talking about the kiss that never happened between Billy and I, but that was impossible, I didn't tell her anything about it, did I? She didn't wait for my reply to her question and just went on telling the whole story about how I ended up on a date with two guys. Everyone started laughing, and so did I! This was super messed up, but that wasn't the end of it. I started getting excited to tell Habiba and Mona how our clubbing night with the boys ended. 

Well, picture me wearing a sexy dress (so unlike me and I'll never let Dina talk me into anything again!) with Dina, Ben and Jerry. What I thought was finally a great balanced equation, you know two guys and two girls instead of two guys and one girl, ended up as two guys and around 10 girls. Apparently Ben and Jerry asked all their girl friends to party. The amount of girls dancing and flirting was overwhelming for me. To be honest, I hate to compete for someone's attention, that has never been my style. Dina however doesn't like to lose, and by the end of the night she had made her way into Ben's well built arms.

Where was I when all of that happened? Well, at first I tried convincing myself it's okay, just dance and let the night pass away. But then I started getting a bit bored with all those girls who I didn't know being around.I didn't even know. I tried signaling Dina that it was time to go, but she was too busy to even notice me. Dina was dancing the night away, Ben seemed to be really interested in her, going in closer, their eyes devouring one another. A minute ago he seemed to be fighting for my attention, it’s not like I care, I'm just saying. I walk away from the crowd (and the new couple I guess) and make my way to the bar to grab a coke, and then the next second I was in complete shock!

Amr, my boss was standing right next to me, and as I tried to sneak away from the bar before he saw me in the dress I was wearing, he had already spotted me.

"So you do have a fun side?" was Amr's way of greeting me, I suppose. To that I replied: "Hey, good to see you!” and then a moment of silence, which seemed awkward even with the loud music playing around. I continued blabbering: "I finished editing the article you gave me." He didn't reply, and just thought raising his eyebrow would do the trick. I knew exactly what went inside of his head, why the hell is she even bringing work up at a club? I had to save the weirdness I just said, and thought the best way to do that is by keeping it short and sweet, so I told him I had to leave to go hang out with my friends and pointed to the big dancing group on the other side. "Oh, looks like a fun ladies' night out!", he said. "You have no idea..." our eyes locked for a second, I flashed a smile and walked away.

Back to the salon, where Habiba, Mona and Dina were now laughing at the crazy night I had, and at the way I had just told them the story. 


Habiba: "You should have flirted with Amr a bit, it's the first chance you get out of the office and your work's events and it didn't even cross your mind yo use it? Such a loser!"

Me: "Okay, put yourself in my shoes, if I was to try and flirt wearing such a dress, what would he have thought of me?"

Dina: "I CAN'T believe you just said that! That's something my grandmother would say. Wake up honey, we're in 2013 not 1920's! Girls are free to dress and do whatever they like,  just like guys, we shouldn't be judged according to what we're wearing. That's bullshit!"

Me: "Don't you think I know that? But at the end of the day he's my boss, and regardless of how cute he is, I would never go for it, I wouldn't want to risk my job in any way."

Dina just ignored what I said, and she kept on talking with Habiba about Ben and how hot he was. The words lick and syrup were being used, and so I graciously dismissed myself from that conversation, only to notice Mona has shut herself out as well a long while ago. She seems to be sending off emails, though a workaholic, but good for her that she didn't get herself into our lousy discussions. That changed however the moment Billy entered the salon.

Billy looks at me and flashes that innocent smile of his, “Hey you, it’s been a while since…ice cream.” He looks around subtly at the girls and smiles back at me with that look of his. The thing about Billy and I, we just get each other. Suddenly Mona started smiling and rambling on forcing him to direct his attention to her. I can always tell from the way a girl looks at a guy if she's interested or not, but she was hard to read, so I wasn't quite sure.

I guess it was a good thing I didn't tell the girls, about the kiss that didn't happen between Billy and I! I really should let it go by now, maybe it was a reaction to both of us being lonely on Valentine's Day right? Or maybe there's more to it!

I didn't even realize I was staring at him until Dina said my name within a sentence and I realized I had to answer. Billy and Dina stared back at me waiting for an answer, "So what do you say Luci?"

Me: "Ummm yea sure why not." I had no idea what I had just answered, but I thought it couldn't have been surrendering my life over to the devil, so what harm could I have done?

Dina: "Awesome, meet us at the lounge at 8:30 Billy, I can't wait for you to meet Ben. I would like a man's opinion other than us ladies noticing his steamy hot body; you can practically crack an egg on those abs. Come to think of it, maybe I should test that theory."

I swear to you at that precise moment the Salon went quite. Dina didn't even care, she was texting away, Billy mumbled something and just walked away. Poor fellow sitting in on a ladies outing, with Dina. 

So apparently Billy and I are going out with Dina and Ben now, and were going to one of the most romantic restaurants. Candle lit, white comfy couches, chocolate fondu - OMG IT'S A DOUBLE DATE!!! Billy was up for it, I had no idea what the hell I was agreeing to, maybe he does like me? Maybe he did want to kiss me? 

I didn't know what to think or feel at this point, but I was beyond confused. I had more important matters at hand like what the hell am I going to wear? As Dina always says: "Look drop dead gorgeous no matter what." I'm not one to listen to Dina, but the woman has got a point, and why not look stunning and sexy on a night out with Billy, right? 

The next day I left work a bit early, screw the work ethic, I might be going on a double date for god's sake. I decided to go with casual chic, nothing too fancy. After eliminating the dresses and skirts from my options, I chose my black skinny jeans, white silk top with a golden statement necklace and a red blazer on it. I was wearing my favorite black flats, but Dina wouldn't let me into the car unless I wear heels, so I ended up wearing my black pumps with metallic heels. 

We arrived 5 minutes late, walking in I saw Billy's black Harley parked outside. So it is black not dark blue, I need to remember that! Dina was definitely super excited, she wore a little black peplum dress with sparkly heels and a gorgeous clutch. 


Me: "Someone seems really excited?"

Dina: "You have no idea! Maybe we could go dancing after dinner too." I gave her my reluctant look, I had an early meeting tomorrow morning and I wasn't quite sure about that. "Oh come on Luci, you only live once. Billy will take you home early if you want to leave, but please do come for a while."

Hmmm Billy + Harley + Dancing? Maybe it will be a fun night. 

Making my way to the table I see Ben, Billy and JERRY chatting away. Why does he just need to bring that guy everywhere he goes; wing buddy all the damn time?!?!

Dina: "We're all going dancing after this boys!" 

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