Hi guys, so I left you in my last post that I had finally managed to schedule my first online appointment for myself, and here is how it went.

Counselor: Hello Luci, thank you for choosing an online appointment. I can see you chose a double session, why?

Me: Wow, you just dive right in?

Counselor: Yes, I believe in diving in with people, it helps create a stronger bond between us, and you know the saying it's easier to talk to a stranger.

Me: Okay, well I booked a double session because I really wanted to have a productive session, and not feel limited on time.

Counselor: I see, well then let's get to it then, and use your time efficiently.

So I gave her a brief about what's been happening with me and Faisal, my feelings about my pregnancy and the weird quality I have of blaming everyone and victimizing myself.

Counselor: Are you someone who needs space when you are angry or upset?

Me: Yea I guess so, I like to be alone with my thoughts and just, I don't know maybe process them.

Counselor: Has this been something you've been doing since you were younger?

Me: I don't know really, I can ask my friends and family.

Counselor: No need, as we talk more about your childhood, we'll discover. So how do you process your thoughts.

Me: Well, as I said I just take some space and think about the scenario that happened. What tends to happen though lately is that I take a small issue that happened and drive it out of proportion in my head and seem to act on it.

Counselor: And how long do you need your space for? Or, how long does it take you to reach a conclusion?

Me: Pretty fast actually, as I said I usually reach the conclusion quite fast and I just tend to sit there and drive it out of proportion.

Counselor: So, what do you do as an outlet?

Me: How do you mean?

Counselor: Do you run? Workout? Read? Paint? Draw?

Me: Does Netflix count?

Counselor: How about this Luci? Before our next session I want you to try taking your space and processing things in a different way. Journalling is a great way to get your thoughts onto paper in a clear manner.

Me: I tried that and I didn't know what to write, just started at a blank piece of paper for hours.

Counselor: Not everything comes right away, be patient. Or maybe on some level you didn't want to write, maybe you know if you write you'll face some thoughts you don't want to face.

Stay tuned for next week, Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time), I'll be telling you more about how I'm dealing with all of this after the counseling session.

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