Hey everyone, so let's jump into this post right away. I left you with the image of Dina and Faisal just shaking their heads at me after telling them my perspective of things.

Dina: Luci, do you really believe what you're saying?

Me: Ummm...yea

Dina: Do you not remember the time you had that big fight with Mona?

Me: Oh c'mon that wasn't a fight, I mean yea she pissed me off, I needed some space to cool off, and then after we both cooled down we both just went back to normal.

Dina: hahahahahahhahahahahahah, you've got to be kidding me!

Me: What's your problem Dina.

Dina: I'm sorry for laughing at Luci, I really don't mean to be disrespectful, but that is not what happened.

Counselor: Dina, how about you share your perspective? Luci, the whole point of having Dina and Faisal here is to show you another side of things, so please keep an open mind and listen just like they listened to you.

Me: Fine!

Counselor: Go ahead Dina.

Dina: The time you and Mona fought was when she was going through a really tough time in her life remember. We thought she was depressed, and she was lashing out at all of us every time we would try to help her. Remember?

Me: Yea...

Dina: It was one of those days where we went over to her house, practically dragged her out of bed and took her out for ice cream, because she was in bed for almost 8 days at the time. Anyway, we were trying to give her a pep talk about how she needs to take control of her life bla, bla, bla, and she lashed out at us. She said some hurtful things at the time to the both of us, and you reacted by getting up and leaving.

Me: She called me insensitive and...

Dina: I know, she said it to the both of us. Point is, you got really upset that day. I called you and tried to talk you down and remind you that, as her friends, we should look past all this and be there for her. But you refused and didn't talk to her for a full week. I talked to the both of you for weeks trying to solve things between you, and then the problems with my pregnancy came up. So the both of you had to put your shit behind to be there for me at the time. You didn't choose to move past it Luci, you had no choice, and until this day things have never been the same with you & Mona.

Counselor: Luci, I don't think you should reply to Dina now. Just take what she said and think on it for our next session.

Faisal: Is it my turn now?

Counselor: Yes Faisal, it's your turn.

Stay tuned for next week, Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time), to find out what Faisal had to say.

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