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Let me tell you about my first Eid vacation after getting married, before all the problems and fights began. So the plan was to go to Sa7el (the North Coast in Egypt) and just chill. Faisal and I had agreed that we go there, just enjoy the beach and do nothing else. I was pretty thrilled about that plan, because I needed to think some things through about my new business and how to start it off. Last minute, Dina, my crazy friend, and her husband Ziad plus their baby Mourad, decided to join us. Five, is always better than two. The first two days we managed to keep things chill just as we had decided, of course minus Dina's baby. I love her son though, so running after him as he's quite active like his mum, wasn't something I minded. On the third day of Eid as we were sitting in the balcony, we heard loud music coming from down our street.

Dina: Your neighbor's party seems like lots of fun.

Me: You think?

Dina: Of course! Especially that I have not partied for such a long time.

Faisal: Then let's change our plans a bit and crash this party.

I looked at Faisal with a smile. Finally! He's finally pushing for some fun ideas.

Dina: Good idea, except who would babysit Mourad?

Faisal: Ziad and I can do it, right?

Ziad: I don't mind of course. You girls go and have fun, but don't do anything I wouldn't do.

A while later, Dina and I were ready to head over to that party. We brought a cake with us for the neighbors. The moment we walked in, a lot of people were looking at us, and to break the ice, I had to say something.

Me: We're your neighbors from down the street. The music seemed quite exciting, we hope you don't mind if we join you guys?

A lot of them shouted at the same time: "Of course not. You're more than welcome."

It took us a few minutes, but then we started engaging in a conversation with some girls our age and it was quite fun to meet new people. Guess what? I even got my first client on board. Networking is always an awesome idea! Among this group of girls we spoke to, was a fashion designer who was tired of the PR agencies she was working with, and after I told her about the business I'm starting, she got quite excited and asked me whether I could take on her account as my first client. This is what I like to call a happy vacation.

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