Hey lovely readers,

So, after our whole talk about kids, I decided I needed some time to think about it, and that's exactly what I told Faisal. We ended up having a lovely weekend together and things finally started to seem stable again. We were making all kinds of plans together, meeting up after work for mini lunch dates, going out with our friends, and he even took me dancing one night.

So, Valentine's Day was nearing and I wanted to plan something special for Faisal. Yes, I know, super cheesy bla bla bla, but I was finally enjoying my husband and wanted to ride that wave for as long as possible.

I decided to avoid the restaurants and crowded cinemas, and instead bring the food and movie to our home. I told Faisal to be home by 7, and not a moment before that, so that I can have everything ready in advance. But, that morning I woke up feeling horrible, and so did Faisal. We were both throwing up, and our stomachs were killing us from some bad food we ate the night before.

However, I was determined to go through with our V-day plans. I took some medicine, and accessed the "mind over body" attitude to make the best out of my capabilities. I went and picked up something sexy from Victoria's Secret, got some groceries to make us a light meal, and downloaded Faisal's favorite movie.

I even borrowed my friend's projector, so that I can transform our living room from one of our regular nights in to something special. However, as I was cooking us some soup I started to feel sick again, and threw up even more.

Faisal: Hey Luci, I am running a little late, I'm probably going to be home around 8 o'clock.

Me: That's okay, I'm still feeling sick, so I'm going to rest a little bit till you get here, okay?

Faisal: Yeah sure, I'll wake you up when I'm home.

I ended up sleeping for 3 whole hours, and woke up to a beautiful bouquet of roses and my favorite ice-cream from Faisal.

Me: I love that you got me ice-cream instead of chocolates! You know me too well!

Faisal: Happy Valentine's Day babe. I'll freshen up, and then let's eat, I'm starving! Oh, and I saw that Victoria's Secret bag behind the chair, that's for dessert?

Me: HEY! That was supposed to be a surprise!

Faisal laughed: Well, you should learn to hide things better!

I headed over to the kitchen to heat up the food and put the ice-cream in the freezer, but before that, I took a few spoonfuls, I just couldn't resist the cotton candy flavor.

Faisal: You're okay? You look pale.

Me: Yeah, my stomach isn't feeling so well, and gulping down a few spoons of ice-cream wasn't the smartest idea.

I actually had to run to the bathroom again! Ugh, I really hate food poisoning, it was ruining Valentine's Day!

Faisal knocked on the bathroom door.

Faisal: Luci, I think you need to take this.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot to take my medicine again.

Only when I opened the door, Faisal was holding up a pregnancy test.

Stay tuned for my next post, Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time) and I'll tell you if I took that pregnancy test.

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