Hey lovely readers,

Me: Faisal, we have food poisoning, I'm not pregnant!

Faisal: Luci, when was your period due?

Me: I don't know, but we've been super careful, there is no way I can be pregnant.

Faisal: Fine, then just take the test to be sure that you are not.

Me: NO! I'm not taking a test, I know I'm not pregnant.

I walked away from Faisal furious! What the hell was he thinking. We even paused our conversation about kids, because I still really needed to think about it. I'm so not ready to have a kid, I mean we just got our relationship back on track.

Faisal came running after me!

Faisal: Fine, don't take the test, how about we have that conversation about kids we've been meaning to have then?

Me: Oh my god! You want kids!

Faisal: I mean...

Me: You so want a baby! What happened to being okay if we decide not to have kids at all?

Faisal: Are you saying you don't want kids at all?

Me: Maybe...I haven't really made up my mind!

Faisal: Well, even more of a reason to have this conversation, Luci! I'll start, you're right, I want kids, not just any kids, I want your kids, I want to have a family with you.

What Faisal said sounded beautiful, but I actually threw up after hearing that. I was literally sitting on my bathroom floor hugging the toilet, because I felt so nauseous, and Faisal was on the other side of the door.

Faisal: Still don't want to take that test?


Faisal: So, you don't want to have kids babe?

Me: I really don't know, all I do know, is that I just don't think I'm ready now, and what you said last time, put a LOT of pressure one me. You made it seem now or never.

Faisal: What? No, of course not, I just meant we shouldn't wait like 3 years, and if we want kids we should plan accordingly in the coming year or so. Kids take planning you know. I think it would be amazing to have a family with you Luci.

Me: Maybe in a year babe, but not now, I'm just not ready! Things just got good again between us and I want to enjoy that, focus on starting my company and traveling a bit more.

Faisal: That's fair, just don't take too long.

I woke up the next morning feeling even worse than the day before. The food poisoning was getting out of hand, that I spent most of my morning in the bathroom. As I was cleaning up the bathroom, I saw the pregnancy test that Faisal had left by the sink, and it just reminded me of our conversation the night before. I know I'm not pregnant, but I thought, maybe I should just take the test, just to show Faisal I am right. I peed on the stick and waited for a few minutes, and while I know, I'm not pregnant, waiting those few minutes were very intense and scary. I could feel my heart pounding so fast, that I decided to call Faisal to stay on the phone with me.

Me: It shows 2 lines. What do the 2 lines mean? Doesn't it show the positive or negative sign?

Stay tuned for my next post, Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time) to know what happens next. Warning, it gets a bit dramatic.

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