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| by Luci

Post #53: Shall We Meet the Parents?

A question I was asked too often last week: “When am I going to meet him?”

Ever since I told my mother about Amr playing a bigger role in my life, she hasn't been able to hide her excitement. As if it was too much for her to believe that I could finally find someone after Billy. Someone who loved me, was really good-looking and successful. She has been asking me many questions about him throughout the week and honestly I couldn't take this anymore. Woman, contain your excitement just a small bit!

I didn't even try to ask Amr what he thought of the idea of meeting them, personally I thought it was way too early. Was it too early or am I just making this up to avoid any potential drama? You know there’s a lot that can go wrong once the guy meets the parents, and I was enjoying my current relationship way too much to have any potential factors ruin it.

One day we were sitting having a family dinner and my mum brought it up again.

Me: Okay mum, I’ll see what I can do about it.

Mum: You've been telling me that for a whole week now. How hard could it be? Unless of course he’s not interested in meeting us.

Me: He didn't say that, as a matter of fact I didn't even bring it up; but I will soon.

Mum: Suit yourself Luci, I have a feeling I’ll see him soon, even if you’re trying to prevent that from happening!

Boy was she right! Does that woman have some magical powers or what? More about that later, but let me talk to you about my next day at the office. Amr came in later than usual and I've been noticing for a while now that he's been losing some weight.

Me: You ok babe?

Amr: Yes I am, just a bit exhausted. I’m really sorry if I haven’t been there for you lately, things are going mad.

Me: Don’t worry about it, I know how hard it can be for you. Is stress the reason you’re losing weight?

Amr: Not really, it’s the lack of time.

Me: How so?

Amr: I haven’t had proper time lately to order any grocery, don’t have time to hit the supermarket either and I hate junk food.

Me: Time for an order! Once we’re done with work today, we’ll go to the supermarket together and pick some delicious food for you.

Amr: We have a deal! It’s a also a great idea because my parents are coming to Cairo for Ramadan and my mum will freak out if she finds the fridge like that.

Oh, so his parents are coming soon? Would he ask me to meet them? Would that be another point my mum will keep on mentioning? I hoped to God that both of us are on the same level and still think it might be too early to take that step, but since he didn't mention anything about it, I decided to assume that we were.

He finished work around eight, and then it was time to go for some grocery shopping. If only my mum would see me in a supermarket actually picking out things other than tomatoes, she would be really proud. Did I speak too soon?

Voice: Luci?

Oh ****! It didn't even take me a milli-second to recognize the voice. I've been hearing it ever since I was born. What was she doing here?

Me: Mum, what are you doing here?

Mum: Your dad and I decided to spice things up and go have some fun.

Me: In a supermarket?

Dad: We went to the movies first, we’re just dropping by so your mum could get me a nice steak.

I smiled and then I remembered Amr was with me. Luckily, he went to the corner that has all the sauces and has been there for a while. Would I be able to let it slide smoothly and not let my mum know Amr was here? Or should I tell her he’s here and it’s your lucky day since I have no other option than introducing you guys? Again spoke too soon! I need to control my thoughts because they've been coming to life a lot lately…

Amr: I finally found that pasta sauce I like. Look!

Me: Wonderful!

Moment of awkwardness. My mum looked at me, my dad was looking to the floor not sure why, Amr wasn't still grasping what was going on and I was hoping I could just freeze the scene to actually think, but no of course that’s not an option.

Me: Amr, I don’t think you've ever met my parents.

Amr: Oh, that’s awesome. My pleasure, I've been really looking forward to meeting you.

Has he?

Dad: Nice meeting you.

Mum: Amr, I have a confession, you have no idea how much I was looking forward to meeting you. I've always heard great things about you, but lately more special things.

Did she just say that? Oh man! There’s no way of controlling the situation anymore.

Amr: That’s so nice of you to say auntie. I was just going to tell Luci that I wanted to invite you over for Ramadan, especially once my parents visit Cairo.

Mum: I’m looking forward to that! And you have to come over too, in case Luci hasn't mentioned it, I make some delicious food.

Amr: Of course she has.

Mum: Did she also tell you I've been bugging her about meeting you?

Honestly, I didn't think it would get any more awkward than this. I gave my dad a look and then he tried to control the situation a bit.

Dad: Amr, we’re terribly sorry but we have some friends coming over in a while and have to be there on time. See you soon son!

My mum said her goodbyes too and then my dad just grabbed her and walked as fast as he could in a very subtle way. No wonder why dad and I have lots of things in common, we understand each other pretty well.

I was hoping Amr would just ignore the last sentence my mum said and tried to act all cool, but then he brought it up before dropping me off home.

Amr: So you didn't want me to meet your parents yet?

Me: What? Why would you say that?

Amr: Be honest! I know you too well by now. You were freaking out when we bumped into them at the supermarket and then there was that sentence of your mum bugging you to meet me. What was that about?

Me: I was hoping you wouldn't notice that hahaha

Amr: Luci, I’m not kidding. Can we be serious for a moment?

Me: Of course, I’m sorry. Yes, she has been telling me she wants to meet you, over 30 times at least and I've been ignoring her.

Amr: Why would you do that?

Me: Honestly because I didn't think you were ready for it. My mum can be a handful.

Amr: Or were you not ready for it?

Me: Hmmm, I just needed more time. I didn't want anything to mess up what’s between us. The more people get involved, the crazier things are.

Amr: Well, I like you enough to deal with anything crazy that would pop up, not that I’m saying your parents would add that to the relationship. It’s just really cool to meet them, I thought we were serious about each other.

Me: Of course we are, trust me I was just giving it more time.

Amr: I would have understood the “more time” part if we had just recently met, but I've known you for quite a while now. And to think I was going to ask you to meet my parents once they’re back! I’m a bit disappointed in you. Seriously, all I could talk to them about, is how much they’re going to love you and how excited I am for them to meet you.

I tried to explain to him that I would have told him sooner or later about meeting my parents, but I wanted my mother to chill a bit about it. I came up with some more things to convince him that what I was saying was nothing but the truth and at the end he bought it.

I started feeling like crap. Why was I acting like a such a child? I shouldn’t let any previous relationship make me fearful of taking a serious step. He’s certainly excited about it, so why the hell is it freaking me out? I had no answer to that and I was hoping it was just a phase. Am I normal guys or over-reacting?

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